How to get rid of love addiction

Forbid yourself even thinking about your loved one. If passion is destructive, you need to take action. Be prepared for the fact that completely painless rupture of relations will not pass. The main task - to reduce trauma to a minimum. To do this, translate emotions into a rational sphere and learn to control them. Mentally shut off the wall from the object of your unhappy love. You are a strong and independent person who can overcome himself.
In order for relationships to acquire completeness, you need to express everything you think about him - on paper or verbally. Between you should not remain omissions. If this is not possible, do the following: put a chair and imagine that your love is sitting on it. Express yourself, how he tortured you, how callous and unconscionable he is. And then forgive him and forget forever.
You can try to back it up with a written agreement with yourself.Among other things, in the contract list the period during which allow yourself to be sad. Spend this time with benefit - manage your emotions.

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