How to get rid of hiccups quickly at home in adults and children

Everyone in the world has repeatedly thought about how to get rid of hiccups quickly at home. It is noteworthy that everyone hiccups, even babies in the womb are no exception.

Usually hiccups appear without a reason, and after some time passes. But even this affects a person’s desire to get rid of the misfortune. Find out the cause of the problem before eradicating it. About this and talk.

Hiccups that occur in humans are a reminder that ancient ancestors were breathing gills. It is hard to believe, but it is. The gill breathing of amphibians has much in common with hiccups. It is accompanied by convulsive contractions of the muscles used by the body to inhale air. Man calmly dispenses with this. Only some animals need it. Among them are lungfish and amphibians.

Causes of hiccups

Hiccup is a manifestation of a nervous tic.The phrenic nerve stimulates the muscles of the diaphragm, leading to uncontrolled spasms. A rare occurrence of misfortune is considered harmless phenomenon.

Sometimes hiccups are a sign of internal disorder. In particular, people who have undergone surgery on the spine or stomach, have impaired breathing due to prolonged and recurring hiccups.

Often the causes of the appearance are psychological. A person hiccups during times of stress or fear. Such attacks are unconscious, getting rid of them is not easy. They reflect the human desire to avoid unpleasant events.

Often, hiccups cause kidney failure, an abscess or a tumor in the chest. That is why in case of constant problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor and be examined.

Attacks occur in people who have pneumonia. The infection irritates the nerves and the diaphragm.

Toxic hiccups are caused by severe alcohol poisoning or excessive drinking. In some cases, it acts as a messenger of a cancer that grows in the chest.Do not forget about the psychophysical causes of appearance.

Many adults have a hiccup during a meal or after they finish. The cause of the phenomenon is the poor food experience and rapid swallowing. As a result, food is delayed in the esophagus, which interferes with swallowing. This leads to nerve spasms in the pylorus.

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Some struggle with hiccups by fear, holding their breath or remembering relatives. These methods are scientifically unfounded, and their effectiveness is zero.

The most effective ways to fight

I suggest some effective ways that have passed the test of time. I hope they will help.

  1. Suppress the seizure with water. Drink a glass of liquid without gas. This will clear the throat of food debris and eliminate nerve irritation.
  2. An upgraded version of the method provides for drinking water, leaning forward. In this case, perform the procedure over the sink, trying to further move the dishes from the face.
  3. Sour or bitter food quickly helps to conquer the hiccups. Such products, once in the digestive system, contribute to the disappearance of the spasm. Sow a slice of lemon or swallow apple cider vinegar.
  4. Put a little sugar on the center of the tongue and then slowly swallow it. I recommend sugar to be diluted in beer, and a sweet mixture to drink.
  5. You can stop hiccuping and reflex. Put your finger in your mouth and try to induce vomiting. Do not go to the extreme. This will interrupt the rhythm of the spasms.
  6. If you suddenly begin to hiccup, and there is no possibility to use the listed methods, open your mouth and gently pull the tongue. Having reached the limit of stretching, hold it for a while.

These popular ways of getting rid of hiccups abound. Depending on the case, resort to the help of one or another option.

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If the methods are ineffective, and the problem appears often, be sure to consult a doctor.

How to cure hiccups in a child

At children attacks of a hiccup often appear. They are caused by regurgitation, crying, severe stress, hypothermia, or haste in food.

Fighting hiccups in children at home can be a variety of popular methods, which are many. If one is ineffective, try the other one.

  1. To stop the child from hiccups, first establish the cause of the phenomenon. If the baby is cold, warm it.This will help the blanket and a portion of warm milk. Also, put the baby on the belly and stroke the back.
  2. After the meal, hold the child upright, hugging to the chest. I advise the kid to tickle or distract with a toy. This will help to relax the diaphragm and stop the contraction.
  3. Older children chew on lemon zest or small rusk. For this purpose, suitable sugar, fruit ice or ice cream. These products will help to quickly cope with the attack.
  4. Apply something cold to your throat. Just keep for a short time, otherwise the child will catch a cold, and you will have to treat a cough or fight temperature.
  5. Offer the child to interlock the handles in the lock, lift them above the head and stretch. Ask to take a deep breath. This method helps to cure hiccups caused by fright or excitement.
  6. Close the ears of your baby and drink water. To increase the effectiveness of the method, ask your baby to hold his breath while drinking.
  7. The best way to fight hiccups is the following. Inhale as much air as possible and push it into the abdomen. If the child performs this exercise, the hiccup will disappear.

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If the seizures in children recur, reduce the baby to a neurologist. He will determine the cause and prescribe treatment. Just do not forget that for some babies, frequent hiccups are considered the norm. Therefore, do not immediately panic.

How to treat hiccups in a drunk or after alcohol

Hiccup is a common phenomenon that people encounter. The cause of the appearance is considered to be impaired work of the diaphragm along with impaired respiratory function. Usually an attack is not dangerous and goes away after a few minutes. But sometimes the spasms are protracted, and then without the help of a doctor can not do.

Prolonged hiccups are a sign of illness. Only a doctor can determine it.

I'll tell you how to quickly get rid of hiccups after alcohol at home, because in adults who constantly drink alcohol, it often appears. Of course, the best thing is to stop drinking.

  • Breathing is a simple method. Inhale as much cool air as possible and hold your breath. A series of repetitions of reception helps to achieve the result.
  • Strong hiccup of the tongue helps to stop the attack of hiccups. Take it with your fingers, which will facilitate the procedure.
  • Food helps to get rid of hiccups.Getting sour, sweet or bitter foods into the stomach helps to stop spasms of the diaphragm and relieve hangovers. For this, sugar, lemon or bread with mustard is suitable.
  • In case of strong alcohol intoxication, adjust the water balance as soon as possible. This will help non-carbonated mineral water with a slice of lemon. Alternatively, at home, use boiled water with sugar.
  • Milk will help you get results quickly. It will rid of hiccups and weaken the effect of alcohol. The main thing is that the fat content of milk does not exceed 2.5%.

I hope the recommendations will help if necessary. Although this can be prevented, knowing how to properly drink brandy, vodka and other alcohol-containing beverages.

Is hiccups dangerous?

In the end, let's talk about the dangers of hiccups. Attacks are harmless, but sometimes act as heralds of a serious illness.

In people who smoke for a long time, hiccups are indicative of cancer. A tumor that develops in the chest affects the diaphragm. As a result, seizures and cramps appear. If nicotine addiction, try to quit smoking.

People who drink alcohol continuously hiccup, and there is an explanation.Chronic alcoholism - the cause of toxic hiccups. Alcoholics find liver diseases that irritate the diaphragm.

Often the hiccups caused by the disease depletes the body. It leads to insomnia and depression, and eventually transforms into a psychological problem, if it does not disappear without a reason.

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Hiccups are a difficult problem. If there are attacks, give them a rebuff listed folk remedies.

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