How to get in shape in three months without a gym

Until summer, three months, and every girl wants to flaunt the beach with a beautiful press and pumped up booty, but when it comes to how to do it, all of course stop. Because often the lack of money for the gym does not give the opportunity to do. Of course, you can make a beautiful body without a subscription to the gym, but you will need twice the effort, as there will be less motivation.

Why is the hall pushing for accomplishments, and without it, many fail? The whole thing is in the environment. When a person is close to like-minded people, it is easier for him to do what he wants, rather than when he is alone. Every girl who starts at home knows how hard it is to force herself to do another approach, when there is no example nearby, it seems that this is enough, it's better than just sitting. These are the barriers that prevent many from even just slightly lifting the stomach in three months. Although in fact, with a great desire for such a period, you can very well pump your body.

There are a lot of exercises on the press, but the most common is to twist lying on the floor, or you can place your muscles on the skin on some raised surface, such as a sofa. An excellent option is also a special fitness ball, which will not only give you a step for a higher degree, but also make you tense in order to keep your balance.

To start a workout, you need to warm up, jogging is best suited for this, but you can replace it with a rope. If you are too busy, or, for example, you have children, then the plank is an ideal exercise. By focusing on your arms and legs, you are keeping your body weight as much as you can. Beginners can usually hold out for only 30 seconds and the body begins to tremble, but if you perform this exercise daily, you will not recognize your abs in three months. Planck is also good because during execution, almost all the muscles of your body are involved. Types of slats are also varied, you can choose the most suitable for you.

Do not forget about the basic exercises that always give their results. This squats, lunges, twisting and push-ups.Take a mat for occupation, wind the room in which you will be engaged, it is advisable to do it in front of the mirror in order to see yourself from the side. Always start with a warm-up so as not to damage your muscles. Warm up well and start with the upper body, that is, with the hands.

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