How to extend the battery charge time on the phone - simple tricks and secrets

Mobile phones have become firmly established in our lives, and the advanced capabilities of smartphones have pushed the main function - to make calls - to the background. Playing games, visiting websites on the Internet, watching videos and downloading music consumes the battery much faster than sending SMS messages or phone conversations. Therefore, we increasingly need to charge the smartphone, which causes certain inconveniences.

However, in many cases this is due to the fact that we treat it incorrectly! We will share with you some secrets that will prolong the work of the battery of your mobile phone.

  1. Do not need to charge the phone 100%. According to experts, the optimal battery charge varies between30% and 80%. This helps to reduce the load on the battery.
  2. Do not leave the phone onthe sunor nearhot items. Batteries that are often exposed to high temperatures wear out faster and worse “hold a charge”.
  3. Do not let your smartphone oftendischarge before shutdown. This has a negative effect on battery performance. But once in 2 months you should still allow him to discharge 100%. This will allow to calibrate the battery and, accordingly, prolong its life.
  4. Take offprotective case, when you charge the phone. It can provoke overheating and subsequent deterioration of the battery.
  5. Use onlyoriginal wirefor charging. Despite the fact that the wire of another manufacturer may be suitable in form, most likely its technical characteristics were calculated for other batteries. Simply put, it can charge too slowly or too quickly, which your phone does not like.
  6. Do not abuse popular latelycontactless chargers. Often they cause the battery overheating already described above.
  7. Don't holdspare phone(if any) in a discharged state. To maintain a battery in working condition, it must be charged at least half.

To find out more about why the battery is getting on the phone quickly and what to do to increase battery life, watch the video.

Date: 22.10.2018, 20:52 / Views: 32232

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