How to eat slowly?

Many nutrition systems focus not only on the diet, but also on the correct pace of eating. This is especially true of how to eat slowly, chew food thoroughly and not be distracted while eating food to other things, such as a TV or a book.

Malnutrition problems

The modern pace of life does not leave enough time for a measured and pleasant process of unhurried eating, many have already forgotten how to eat slowly, swallowing food in pieces, hastily washing it down with drinks. At the same time, the quality of our food in general drops significantly, regardless of how useful and varied the diet is.

First of all, these are problems with digestion, when absorbed food is not fully absorbed, constipation begins, and heaviness in the stomach appears. Food becomes not another source of pleasure and positive emotions in life, but simply a means of obtaining energy.

No less significant is the fact that, with the rapid absorption of food, the stomach simply does not have time to transmit to the brain a signal that it has received enough food.As a result, there is a systematic overeating, which is unaesthetic manifested by fat deposits in the figure.


That is why the habit of slowly eating, unjustly forgotten by humanity, is simply necessary for good health and mood! A few simple tips on how to eat slowly will help you regain the pleasure and benefits of the correct pace of eating:

  1. Do not watch TV, do not read or use a computer or other similar devices while eating. Being distracted by foreign objects, a person begins to chew food faster and eats more than necessary. In addition, without paying visual attention to food, we do not allow the brain to give a command to produce gastric juice, which significantly impairs the digestion process.
  2. Choose - loneliness or company! In a company, a person instinctively adjusts to someone else�s food absorption rate, speeding up the process of feeding. At the same time, a pleasant conversation at the table makes you forget about food on a plate, which helps to eat more slowly.
  3. Do not sit at the table in a hungry state. Start eating at the first signals of the stomach about the desire to eat.A hungry person eats very quickly, chewing food badly, washing it down with plenty of liquid.
  4. Chew each bite thoroughly, bite down a little and savor a little longer. So you will not only eat slowly, but also quickly fill yourself up, getting the maximum pleasure from eating.
  5. Do not seize stress or bad mood, you should sit at the table in a calm mood, otherwise negative thoughts will distract from food.
  6. Try not to accompany the consumption of alcohol intake, it not only stimulates the appetite, but also makes you eat faster.

The habit of slowly eating is not easy and is not immediately developed, but the benefits of it will be noticeable both on the state of your health and on the outlines of your figure!

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