Best Way to Eat Moringa is to Drink It - How to Juice Fresh Moringa Oleifera Leaves

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How to Eat Moringa Leaves

Three Methods:

Moringa leaves have gained a lot of popularity for their health benefits. The thing is, there’s a bit of a debate about the best way to eat them. Some believe that raw or just barely heated is the best way. Others think that boiling them releases more nutrients. Whichever way you want to eat them is up to you. That’s pretty much the theme when it comes to serving them, too. There’s no special dish you need to prepare, so whether you like cold dishes or hot ones, it’s just about adding as many leaves as you like to whichever dishes you already love!


Boiling the Leaves

  1. Bring water to a boil.Add enough water to a pot to cover the amount of leaves you intend to boil. Turn the burner to medium-high heat. Then just wait for the water to start boiling.
  2. Add the leaves and stir.Once the water’s boiling, add the leaves and stir them into the water so they’re nice and wet all over. Boil them for about three minutes. But be sure to stir them constantly. Otherwise they may end up sticking to each other and end up as big clumps, which can make them taste a little nasty!
    • You don’t want to overcook the leaves, either, but depending on how much you’re making at once, they may need longer. If they do, start taste-testing after three minutes to make sure you don’t ruin the whole batch.
  3. Drain and dry them.After three minutes, empty the pot into a strainer in the sink. Then take each leaf and spread it out on paper towels so it doesn’t ball up into a clump. Press the length of the leaf into the paper towel to squeeze out the water. If you need to, switch it to a fresh towel and repeat.

Adding Leaves to Cold Dishes

Using Leaves in Hot Dishes

  1. Stir them into scrambled eggs.Whip up a batch of basic scrambled eggs. Get fancy with it and add cheese if you like. Season them with whatever herbs and spices intrigue you. Just wait until the very end of cooking them before adding the moringa. Once the eggs are almost done, stir in as many leaves as you like and give them just enough time to wilt before serving.
    • If you’ve already boiled your leaves, just give them enough time to warm back up if they’ve cooled off.
  2. Make an omelette instead.If you’re an egg lover but feel a little bored with the scrambled variety, never fear! Moringa works just as well in your favorite omelette. Like the scrambled eggs, though, hold off on adding the leaves for as long as possible. Wait until it’s time to fold the omelette if you want them inside, or save them for garnish instead.
  3. Toss leaves into your favorite chili.You’ve probably caught on to the theme here. Just make any old chili that appeals to you. Then just wait until the last couple minutes of cooking and toss in however many leaves you want. Once they’ve wilted and warmed up, have at it!
  4. Top pizzas with leaves.This is a no-brainer: just add as many leaves as you like to your other pizza toppings before putting the pie in the oven. Just be sure to use a generous amount of sauce, and never place leaves over dry crust. You want to keep them keep them hydrated so you don’t end up with any nasty burnt leaves.

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