How to eat less and lose weight in 2017

Do not starve in any way. The longer you eat nothing, the more your appetite will wake up. And sometimes it is simply impossible to resist eating a large piece of meat or a plate of fried potatoes.
Drink more fluids. A glass of water, natural juice without sugar, a cup of green tea will help to dull the feeling of hunger. Also make it a rule to drink a glass of water or juice an hour before a meal. So in your stomach will later fit less food.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. Apples, a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers will not bring those extra pounds, but you will eat less fat and contraindicated for the food figure.
Refuse to add seasonings and spices to food. They exacerbate the feeling of hunger and "force" to go for the supplement.
Eat from small dishes. For example, instead of a bowl, take a bowl. So the portion of your lunch or dinner will be reduced. Just put food with a slide and eat with a teaspoon.So you get the illusion that you ate a full portion.
Eat slowly, chew each slice thoroughly, enjoy each spoonful. So you send to the stomach a lot less food.
Do not eat in front of the TV or computer. Distracting from the process of eating, you can not get enough of one portion and run for the supplement.
Hide away vases with sweets, muffins, gingerbread. And instead, put a basket of fruit or vegetables. As soon as you want to eat, instead of high-calorie harmful cake, eat an apple, orange, cucumber or carrot.
It is believed that blue reduces appetite. If this statement affects you, surround yourself with blue: dishes, tablecloths, vases of flowers, or some other decor should be in that cold tone.

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