How to easily and quickly transform black shoes into bright and spectacular

Spring has come and the soul is asking for a holiday. And what a holiday, if you are boring black shoes?

We focus on bright juicy color. After all, it is color that affects us the most. I chose sky blue because I like it and also it fits my clothes.

Therefore, we buy paint and feel free to experiment! I will show you how easy and simple it is to transform expressionless shoes into shoes for a wonderful mood.

So, we have:

- black ordinary shoes one pair

- acrylic sky-blue paint (I chose thicker paints, since liquid is not convenient to use on smooth skin. In addition, if necessary, they can always be diluted with water);

- glossy varnish for fixing acrylic paints;

- a brush, a jar with water to wash the brush;

- alcohol or gasoline for degreasing the surface;

- a good spring mood and faith in your talent of the artist.

I had shoes of two types of leather and, turning them in my hands, I decided to leave the heel black and paint only the main part of the shoes without a sock in a beautiful sky-blue color. It is very effectively combined with black. If you have monotonous shoes, then you can mark the line of staining on the toe with a special pencil for leather.

Let's get started Pre-clean the surface of the shoe from dust and dirt, degrease the surface with alcohol or gasoline.

Then we squeeze the blue paint onto the palette (I used smooth white cardboard for this). And paint in one layer of the shoe, as in the photo. Do not be afraid that the first layer falls unevenly. Then there will be a second.

The main thing here is to be careful not to drop the paint on the sole and paint it under the decoration elements. But even this is not terrible - fresh paint is easy to remove with a damp clean brush.

Let's wait until the paint dries and apply a second layer of slightly diluted paint, so it will lie evenly.

The photo shows the difference in painting in one and two layers.

Gently paint over the second layer of each shoe. I already like and want to wear them - they are so pleased with their color!

In some places, bald patches are still visible - we paint over them also with diluted paint. Acrylic dries quickly, but it's good to wait one day before applying a protective varnish.

After the paint is completely dry, cover the shoes with protective varnish and wait until it dries. Try to apply a thin layer of varnish, so that there are no smudges. I used a glossy lacquer to keep the skin's original sheen.

And here at last spring life-affirming shoes are ready. Forward to adventure!

Now, with regard to strength and durability - even at the stage of painting the second layer, I tried to scrape the paint off with a fingernail, but it did not work out, it firmly ingrained into the skin, and after the protective varnish you can safely use this updated shoe. For soft shoes remained the same.

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