How to draw a penguin?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
February 13, 2013
How to draw a penguin?

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How to draw a penguin?

The penguin is an interesting, unpredictable and amazing creature living in Antarctica. Scientists attribute these clumsy and funny animals to birds, but it is their highlight that they do not know how to fly! But they are not afraid of cold waters washing Antarctica. How to draw a penguin with your own hands? Drawing a penguin is pretty easy, and it's also fun. The drawing will be very beautiful with a simple pencil, and the royal cute penguin will turn out if you add yellow color to its plumage. To know how to draw a penguin with a pencil, you should use a step-by-step instruction or a schematic cheat sheet.

Instructions. How to draw a penguin step by step

  • At the first stage it is necessary to draw the general outline of the body and head. These simple elements of drawing will provide symmetry, and with the addition of details will turn into a cute penguin. The body of the penguin should be about 4 times the head.
  • The second stage consists in drawing the approximate contours of the penguin's wings, legs, and beak. The hardest part is the beak. It is very difficult to draw it proportional to the body, often it turns out to be either too small or incredibly large.
  • At the third stage we draw a clearer contour of the body and head. Draw the preliminary shape of the wings. We delete the extra lines formed when drawing contours.
  • In the fourth stage, the drawing begins to "emerge." We pay all our attention to the paws, they are very similar to ducks, only larger. We draw eyes.
  • Fifth stage - finish your picture. We correct contours, remove extra lines, draw small details, such as eyes, beak and wings.

If you want a color picture, make a penguin plumage to your taste, for example, blue or black. If you make a penguin with a yellow-orange breast, then it will be a royal penguin! Having decorated penguin, you get a more realistic picture.

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