How to do electrophoresis

In fact, electrophoresis is a physiotherapeutic method, in which ionized preparations are injected into the body through the patient’s skin or mucous membranes using a pulsed or direct current. Under electrical influence, the medicinal component in the aqueous solution used breaks down into ions, which are “absorbed” into the body through the skin, sebaceous glands or mucous membranes. After penetration under the skin, the drug begins to be evenly distributed in the intercellular fluid and cells, providing an appropriate therapeutic effect.
With the introduction of electrophoresis, a large part of the drugs is retained in the subcutaneous fat layer, providing the longest effect of therapeutic components on the body. In addition, the scientists were able to prove that the use of direct current for this procedure significantly increases the sensitivitybody tissues to medications, and also increases the activity of their action after they fall under the skin.
For electrophoresis, 2 or 4 special pads are moistened with the necessary medicinal preparation and connected to the positive and negative pole of the device. Gaskets are placed on the sore spot in a certain sequence and pass between them a weak galvanic current. To obtain the maximum effect of electrophoresis, 3 courses of treatment are needed, each of which includes from 20 to 30 procedures and is done at intervals of a month or two.
The indications for electrophoresis are muscle hyper- or hypotonia, poor blood circulation, joint diseases, bronchitis, pain in arthrosis and osteochondrosis, acne, furunculosis, gynecological diseases and infertility. Excellent electrophoresis has proven itself in cancer of the skin (used with copper preparations) and keloid scars at an early stage (used with lidase and collagenase preparations). With the defeat of the joints, electrophoresis helps to increase the cartilage tissue and improve the condition of the inflamed area of ​​the body, which causes pain or causes discomfort.
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Electrophoresis is prescribed even for infants, since this procedure is completely painless and harmless.
Helpful advice
A device for electrophoresis can be purchased at a medical equipment store, but before using it, you should consult an experienced physician.

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