How to develop intelligence?

Intellect is a set of mental abilities of a person; it is the ability to learn and analyze the world, as well as to influence the world around us with meaningful actions. And you do not need to be a genius to understand that a developed intellect in the modern world is a prerequisite for success in life. That is why it is very important to know how to develop intelligence.

Qualities of intellect

  • Logic is the ability to think logically, to consistently develop a thought, to understand the consequences of certain actions.
  • Flexibility of the mind is the ability to abstract from patterns, to think in a new way, independently, to impose your experience on certain situations, to deduce new connections of objects.
  • The depth of thinking is the ability to distinguish the most important among the mass of information, the ability to distinguish the most important among the secondary things.
  • Curiosity is the desire to develop, by learning new things from the outside world.
  • The breadth of thinking. The ability to address the problem on a global scale, comprehensively.
  • Critical thinking is the ability to sensibly assess the correctness of the decisions made, and the ability to refuse actions if they were not properly planned, and choose a new, correct way to solve a problem.
  • Evidence of thinking - the ability to use someone else's useful experience, patterns, and constantly confirm the loyalty of their own thoughts.

Intellect is determined not only by the genotype, that is, the natural human data, but also by human experience obtained in the process of life activity. So, everyone has the opportunity to become smarter, if you know how to develop intelligence. And therefore, we can and must develop intelligence at any age.

Ways: how to develop intelligence

Since the intellect is responsible for all thought processes, such as: perception, cognition, analysis, thinking, remembering, making decisions and achieving goals, it is necessary to develop it in different ways:

  • Educational games, they include chess, poker, backgammon, various logical computer games, the so-called "Dumalki." Efficiency from them increases due to the game form of training, rivalry, the latter further spurs thinking processes.
  • Education and development. Everyone knows that learning develops intelligence. To this method can be attributed to any knowledge of the new. Besides the fact that you learn new things in the process of learning, it also develops memory. If you have finished studying long ago, it is useful to complete a refresher course, or to master a new specialty, to participate in seminars, to learn a new language.
  • Reading, one of the options for learning new things, can be read both in scientific literature and in fiction. It depends on your preferences, you do not have to force yourself to read what you don’t like, because this sense will not be enough.
  • Practicing the exact sciences develops analytical abilities, logic, criticality of the mind, evidence, depth of thinking, and so on. Solving math problems is for the intellect, like charging for the body.
  • Hobby. Passion for something, it is an indicator of curiosity, various hobbies, allow you to look at the world differently, for example, drawing, music, photographing, and develop the flexibility of the mind.

Tips: how to develop intelligence

  • Try to change your life, as reflexes kill the ability to soap. This concerns not only some physical actions,but also intellectual activity, often repeated procedures go into automatic mode, and you already stop thinking about what you are doing. Dilute the routine work.
  • Stop thinking patterns, act only on the basis of their own decisions, but do not dismiss the accumulated experience of mankind.
  • Choosing ways to develop intelligence, rely on your hobbies, because the way should be interesting for you, without interest any development is impossible.
  • Keep a diary. This allows a more detailed analysis of their own actions and the past day.
  • Make plans for your own life, make plans, dream, in the end, it develops the imagination.

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