How to decorate Easter eggs?

By tradition, we paint eggs for each Easter, and each time we want to do it in a new way. If you have no idea how to decorate Easter eggs this year so that they look original, then you can choose one of the suggested methods.


Krashenka is a usual painted egg. If you want to make these eggs more original, mix a few dyes for interesting shades. In addition, eggs can be dipped in the dye is not completely and paint them in several colors.


Colored eggs can be made more interesting if you have a regular candle. Paint the egg in the chosen color, wait until it dries, and light the candle. Now stick the wax on the egg - you get round specks. Dip the egg in a new color, let it dry and remove the wax - colored circles will appear on the egg. If you do not know how to decorate Easter eggs, then this is a very quick and easy option.


The decoration in the form of stickers looks very impressive. They can be both purchased and homemade.If you are going to use glue, then the eggs can not be eaten. In this case, they need to blow out, piercing with a needle at both ends. An empty egg can be stored for years and used to decorate any glue. If you are going to eat an Easter egg, then use raw egg white instead of glue. For decoration in this way will fit:

  • Purchased stickers.
  • Pictures cut from magazines.
  • Decorative napkins for decoupage.


The easiest way to decorate Easter eggs in an original way is to paint them with intricate patterns. They may consist of symbols or simply be decorative. If you are not going to eat eggs after decorating, you can use any paints and substances. In this case, it is best to choose acrylic dyes, as they are not washed off with water. If you give Easter eggs decorated with a pattern to the table, then use food dyes, as the dye penetrates the eggs through the shell.


Many people would like to learn how to decorate Easter eggs with beads. In fact, it is not so difficult, but it looks very beautiful. Most often, the egg is completely braided with beads.You can make it monophonic or choose a pattern or ornament. There are many schemes for beading eggs. This method of decoration requires a lot of time and effort. Before braiding the egg can be painted or left white. To braid you need:

  • Beads.
  • Transparent fishing line.
  • Needle for beads.
  • Scissors.

If you want to speed up the process, then instead of beads, take big beads. The technology will remain the same, but it will take less time.


If you do not like any option how to paint Easter eggs, then try the appliqué. For it, you will need PVA glue. Remember that eggs after its use can not be. Eggs can be pasted over with shell fragments of colored eggs. If you mix the PVA glue with water, you get a clear lacquer that can cover the pasted egg on top.

Sequins, sequins and ribbons can also be a great decoration. A narrow braid can be put patterns and ornaments on the shell. Choose ribbons and braid in contrasting colors to make the design look brighter. Glued egg can be sprinkled with glitter. This technique will look even more interesting if before this you attach a stencil with a pattern to the egg.Any small and subtle details are suitable for application, it all depends on your imagination.

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