How to cut a sim card?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
December 6, 2012
How to cut a sim card?

As is known, the brainchild of Apple - the iPhone smartphone is used not by traditional SIM-card manufacturers, but by their reduced counterparts. Given this, many mobile operators have recently begun to produce products of suitable size. Those users who do not want to lose their usual number and buy a new SIM-card have to cut their SIM card to the appropriate size.

So, how to trim a sim card and turn it into microsim? First of all, remember that after trimming the card should have dimensions of 12x15 mm. In order to achieve this size, you will need a ruler, a sharply sharpened pencil and scissors. First of all, place the map up with a chip, so that the cut is in the upper left corner. Further to the right we outline a strip of 1,5 mm. from the edge and cut it off. In the lower part of the sim card we will need to remove about 1 mm. Just as in the first case, we outline the line with a pencil and cut off the unnecessary part.

In order to cut the SIM card for the iPhone from above, you need to draw a line so that the SIM card becomes 12 mm wide.Cut off excess plastic (about 2 mm.) And proceed to the left side. Draw a line corresponding to 15 mm. from the already cropped right edge. As a result, about 8 mm remains. unnecessary plastic. Cut it off. The final stage of how to cut the SIM card for the iPhone, is a slice of one of the corners (top left). The cut off part should have the form of a right triangle with two sides of 2 mm each.

Now you know how to trim a sim card for the iPhone. It remains to do all of the above and insert the SIM into your smartphone. If, after you cut the SIM, the device does not “see” it, two options are possible. The first is that you made a measurement error, the second is that your SIM card is outdated. In this case, contact your mobile operator and replace the idle SIM card with a ready-made Microsim without losing the number.

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