How to knit crochet?

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How to knit crochet?

To crochet a thing, you need to learn the basic elements that make up all the patterns: air loops, quilts and columns. Separate time should be given to the study of single crochets, relief columns, connecting, lush, and others. Then you can create any product and understand even the complex, intricate pattern.

The way to knit a magnificent crochet post

Crocheted crocheted openwork looks the most advantageous. In their picture you can often see magnificent columns consisting of five or three loops. Learning to do them is easy.

  1. For the sample you need to dial a chain of air loops.
  2. We make two air loops for lifting, wrap up and enter the hook into the first loop on the chain.
  3. We pick up the working thread and pull it out onto the hook, it turned out 2 loops and 1 nakid.
  4. Do another nakid and stretch the thread through the first loop and nakid, now on the hook 2 loops.
  5. Do another nakid and enter the hook in the same air loop.column
  6. Repeat all actions until you get 5 loops on the hook.
  7. We knit everything in one.

Then you can make 3 air loops and in 4 loop of the chain perform the next lush column. It will turn out to be a simple, airy, beautiful pattern that is suitable for creating summer things.

Method how to knit crochet embossed columns

With lush columns, it usually becomes immediately clear. And how to crochet a crochet if you need to make a gum or three-dimensional pattern on the product? There is a way, because there is a technique of embossed columns.

  1. In the first row it is necessary to knit a number of double crochets.crochet
  2. In the second row, we perform the same columns, but as follows: a nakid is made and the whole column of the previous row is grabbed by a hook, not its part, the crochet column is tied.
  3. In the third row, the column is knitted as well, only a hook is inserted from the wrong side of the canvas.

In this way it is not difficult to get an elastic band or a braid that will decorate a knitted dress, sweater, hat, skirt or sweater.

How to knit connecting crochet?

In addition to high poles, no crocheting is complete without a barely noticeable connecting pole. He is an indispensable assistant when you need to connect air loops into a ring, tie up the edges of the product, make a smooth transition from onecolumnelement of the pattern to another.It is also called a semi-column, and it is simply executed:

  1. Enter the hook into the first air loop of the chain and pull the thread.
  2. Make a cape and pass it through 2 loops on the hook.
  3. The bar is ready.

If it is necessary to join the loops into a ring, then through the extreme loop of the chain we pull the thread, we make a nakid and knit all the loops together.

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