How to create your email address?

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Answered 23 march 2015 12:53
I propose to create Yandex e-mail, go to the Yandex home page and find the Mail box in the upper right corner. Click the link “Create a box”. Fill in all the required fields in the form that opens - first name, last name, login that you will use to log in to the box, and a strong password (it must be entered twice to exclude the possibility of a typo). Yandex will tell you whether the selected password is reliable. In addition, you need to select a control question and the answer to it, which will help you to restore access to the box, if you forget the password. You can use one of the standard questions or come up with your own. The latter is preferable. Cell phone number is optional. However, if you are not a principled opponent of telling your phone number to websites, it is better to enter it - this will allow you to regain access to the box via SMS. To complete registration, enter the security code shown in the image and click on the "Register" button.
Login + @ - this will be your email address. Login must be entered in English. There may be problems with inventing a login, because many of them are busy with other people.

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