How to create a note?

Milana Sarkina
Milana Sarkina
February 6, 2013
How to create a note?

How to create a note in VKontakte, before, they knew, perhaps, everything. It was easy, because your notes were stored on the left side of the screen in the news column, your groups, etc. Now there is no such function and many thought that the notes just disappeared from the contact, but they are all stored on the network and are available for viewing. So, how to create a note in this popular social network?

In fact, now make a vkontakte note even easier. You need to start writing a message on your wall. And to the right of the message there will be a “attach” button, there you need to select the “Note” item (a notebook is painted next to it). After you clicked on the "Note" button, a new window will appear, where you need to write text and a topic. This is your note, it will be stored on the wall. If you don’t want your note to be visible, you can check the box “for friends only”. Then only those who are in your friends will see your note. You can view your notes by clicking on the "records" button on your wall, it is located above all the messages.Then you need to click "My records" and then you can view your bookmarks. Bookmarks are convenient because you can write in them with html markup. This is convenient for posting notes with links. Another way to view your notes is to type the following address in your browser.

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