How to connect a pressure switch?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
December 19, 2014
How to connect a pressure switch?

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How to connect a pressure switch?

Very often, in their own homes, pumping stations are used to create an autonomous water supply system. To automatically maintain the required water pressure in the pipeline, a pressure switch is installed in them, which allows the pump to be turned on if the pressure has reached the minimum value, and to turn it off when the maximum value is reached. Before connecting the relay, it is necessary to install a pump and an expansion tank.

How to install a pressure switch on the pipeline?

  1. To begin, we connect in turn the connections on the relay housing with the pipeline;
  2. Now we wind the winding on the thread (FUM tape or tow);
  3. Screwed on the winding nuts located on the nozzles of the relay.

How to connect the pressure switch and adjust it?

  1. Open the relay cover and connect to the 2 upper terminals of the wire from the pump;
  2. Connect the wires going to the network to the 2 middle terminals;
  3. Connect the ground wire to the lower metal terminal;
  4. Now adjust the thresholds for switching on and off the relay with the help of small and large springs;
  5. Close the relay cover.

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