How to congratulate in "Odnoklassniki"?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 22, 2013
How to congratulate in "Odnoklassniki"?

Classmates are a modern social network that allows you to always stay in touch. Millions of people register and communicate with it daily. Virtual communication has spread much lately, because if people live in different cities, it will be a great way to maintain friendly relations. But besides just socializing, as in life, there you can congratulate your friends and classmates and give them a variety of gifts.

How to congratulate a friend in classmates

How to congratulate for free in Odnoklassniki? How to congratulate the card in the "Classmates"? These and other similar questions are confronted by new or not quite experienced users of the modern social network. Let's try to figure out how to make such a nice and interesting little thing.

Not so long ago, a small additional service called Odnoklassniki Plus appeared in the social network Odnoklassniki.He is a kind of “helper” for the Internet Explorer browser, which allows all users of this social network to receive from their friend, or send him a greeting card. This is quite relevant on the eve of the holidays.

When this application is installed, the user will have an additional panel. Now, when you go to any page (yours or someone else's) of this social network, you will see who congratulated this user and whom he congratulated. This applies exclusively to those congratulations that were sent to the open. If the user has sent a “private card”, only the person to whom it was intended can see it, well, the sender itself. Both options are free services.

Very interesting is the fact that users of the Odnoklassnik Plus service can choose greetings from different eras (starting from the sixties and ending with modern times) and add words from their hearts to it. Also, this add-on informs you about the upcoming birthdays of your friends, which allows you to congratulate them with one click.

Such a wonderful additional service has developed an independent studio i-LOGIK. She has no connection with the social network Odnoklassniki.

The authors of a small service wish and hope that on the eve of the holidays this program will gain popularity due to the fact that a large part of people support virtual communication, thanks to social networks.

Also, at the request of users, paid services are also possible. You can send a postcard for money. Suppose one card is 1 "ok." You can buy a choice of 2, 4 or 6 "ok." 2 "ok" cost 30 rubles. This money will be withdrawn from your balance, and in Odnoklassniki you can send postcards to two people.

Now you know how to congratulate in "Classmates". You always have the opportunity to make communication more colorful.

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