How to clean gold?

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How to clean gold?

Gold can not rust or oxidize, but when you wear it, it tarnishes from moisture or just becomes dirty. Gold jewelry with a touch of moisture or dirt look dull, no longer shine. It looks ugly. And if earrings or piercings are dirty, it can even cause allergies. Therefore, any gold products must be periodically cleaned.

How to clean gold

In order for the gold to shine again, you can take it to the jewelry workshop, mechanically remove the patina and polish it, but it will lose weight from this jewelry. It is better to clean the gold at home.

Depending on the pollution, there are several ways to clean gold jewelry. Start with the simplest, if it does not help, go to the more complex.


  1. In hot water, dissolve any detergent. Suitable for normal or liquid soap, hair shampoo and even laundry detergent. In this solution, lower the jewelry. Let them lie down in it for a couple of hours. Then brush the gold with a toothbrush.Ordinary flat rings can not be soaked in a solution, but simply cleaned with the same solution. But if jewelry with stones and clasps, then deep contamination under the stones or cavities from the fasteners can remain dirty, if you do not soak the products. After cleaning, rinse the gold under running water and dry it. This can be done by spreading them on a small towel that absorbs water well.
  2. If your jewelry is not cleaned with a soap solution, you will have to clean the gold with ammonia. To do this, pour a 25% solution of ammonia in small dishes and put the jewelry in there for one to two hours. Nothing scary if they stay there longer. If the products are highly contaminated, then you can keep them in the solution and overnight. After that, clean the gold with a toothbrush, rinse with running water and dry as well as after a soap solution. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves on your hands during this cleaning. In the same way with the help of liquid ammonia, you can clean silver.
  3. If this method did not help, then get a special paste for cleaning gold. Pasta is sold in jewelry stores.It contains petroleum jelly and oils so that the products are not scratched, as well as chalk or lead carbonate for mechanical cleaning. You will need a soft brush. Apply a small amount of paste on it and very carefully wipe the surface of the product, it is important to move in the same direction. After this procedure to shine for 5-10 minutes, lower the product in vodka or alcohol. Vodka or alcohol will also remove oil deposits. Then rinse the jewelry under water and dry it on a towel.

It is necessary to add that you can prepare such gold paste for cleaning yourself. Here are some ways:

  • Mix beer and yolk of one egg. The consistency of the mixture should resemble liquid jelly;
  • Fresh onion juice;
  • Any toothpaste, except whitening (best gel cleansing gold toothpaste);
  • A mixture of tooth powder and vegetable oil;
  • For polishing gold products it is fashionable to use lipstick. On a cotton swab, apply a little lipstick and wipe thoroughly, then rinse with vodka and rinse with water. Do not forget to dry.

If you are cooking a mixture, but cook it in small quantities for single use.Do not store it. Always use a soft cloth for cleaning, the flannel works very well.

Today, white gold products are very popular. It also needs care.

How to clean white gold

White gold erases faster than yellow, so you need to be especially careful with it. The best way to clean it:

  • Make a soap solution with any detergent, even dishwashing liquid will do and boil gold in it for five minutes. Drain, allow to cool, and rinse under cold water. Then wipe with a soft cloth, you need to wipe dry, otherwise there will be stains on the gold and you can remove them only by repeated boiling.

White gold can also be cleaned by all previous methods.

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