How to choose the right haircut

Speaking about how to choose the right haircut, you should correctly determine the shape of your face. As experienced hairdressers say, professionals determine this at first glance. In total, there are seven main forms: round, oval, elongated (rectangular), heart-shaped, square, triangular, and diamond shapes. This article will discuss the hairstyle that is most suitable for each type of face.

  • Oval shape

It is considered to be ideal. Owners of this form can carry out any experiments on themselves, because they will go absolutely everything - from extremely short options to luxurious long hair.

  • Round shape

In this case, hairstyles of high shape for long hair or haircuts with strands shortened at the shoulders and chin are preferable. This will make the face visually narrower. Various bangs, asymmetrical styling and haircuts will also look good.However, stacking with a "side" type of volume will be undesirable, since the face from them begins to appear even wider. The ideal hairstyle is a slanting long fringe and loose long hair.

  • Rectangular shape

In this case, it is important to visually make the length smaller. Owners of such a person should make hairstyles with a magnificent laying on the sides - curls, curls and so on. In order for the forehead to seem smaller, it is ideal to make a bang or to drop some shortened strands on the face.

  • Square shape

In this case, it is most important to soften the corners on the face, visually narrowing it. The most suitable type of hairstyle is lush curls or curls on the sides for medium hair. Avoid direct selection and open ears.

  • Heart Shape

Those who have such a romantic name for the face, it is better to stop on haircuts for short hair with curled locks. Ideally, the hair down to the cheeks and forehead. Wearing a side bang is a very good option. It is highly undesirable to choose hairstyles that visually increase the lower part of the face.

  • Diamond-shaped

In this case, you can advise hairstyles with length to the shoulders. In this case, it is better to carry out experiments not with length, but with forms of stacking and color gamut. Hairstyles with hair stretched back are undesirable - they only emphasize a pointed chin. For the same reason, “bundles” are not recommended. Perfectly fits a fringe of any shape.

  • Triangular shape

In order to make the triangular face oval, you must visually remove the corners. To do this, you need to stay on the styling, which fall on the neck. Also looks good on the face of the side bangs, and the length of the hair should ideally be about 20-25 centimeters.

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