How to choose the highest quality upholstery for upholstered furniture?

What should you think about first if you decide to buy a sofa.

When choosing the type of fabric for upholstery, it is necessary to be very clear about the conditions and for what purposes the furniture will be used. Making the decision to buy a new sofa will not be unambiguous if you do not decide on the material for upholstery. All factories have different types of fabrics and different approaches to working with furniture, this difference in approaches can affect a variety of details. That is why it is very important to correctly understand the “price-quality” ratio, at the same time, we should not forget that the familiar formula “more expensive means better” in this case may not work, and the quality characteristics of different manufacturers vary.


The site MebelOk presents to your attention a very convenient catalog of fabrics for upholstery, divided into categories according to wear resistance, design, type of fabric and country of origin.

Upholstery fabrics for upholstered furniture

Many attach great importance to the possibility of cleaning the upholstery, especially if the fabric is light in color and there are visible all the impurities that would not be noticeable on materials of other shades.


Convenient for everyday cleaning, the flock remains in its original form, despite the cleaning, and does not require special tools for care, only a sponge or a brush. Such furniture is invariably enjoyed by those who are not accustomed to exert much effort to keep the furniture in good condition and strive to choose a deliberately win-win option. Often this fabric is used for upholstering children's sofas or kitchen corners.


This type of fabric, on the contrary, does not tolerate frequent cleaning, so you should think carefully before choosing this fabric. For families with small children, jacquard is absolutely contraindicated, because all the slightest stains and any dust will spoil the aesthetic beauty of the product. At the same time, sofas in jacquard upholstery look especially expensive and stylish.


The Achilles heel of this fabric is direct sunlight. Place the furniture with the chenille away from the window, somewhere in a dark corner, and enjoy its beauty.Shannil fabrics can be found among the most popular and most inexpensive fabrics. That shenill is upholstered number one for economy class sofas.

Leather, eco-leather, leatherette

If you decide to buy a soft bed, it is recommended to choose for it the upholstery made of leather is soft, but not thin, and also - necessarily elastic. Such upholstery will be very comfortable and will increase the life of the furniture. Upholstery made from imitation leather or eco-leather is also a success. Beds with soft headboards are very popular in modern, hi-tech or loft interiors.

Distinctive features of quality upholstered furniture

Upholstery fabric

The quality of the seams should not cause doubts when choosing furniture, because it is the key to the durability of the upholstery, and hence the long service life of products. The correct seam is even, and there are no needle marks on it. The presence of sofas with decorative seams made of furniture cord in the factory’s collection suggests that the factory uses highly professional equipment, where the quality of workmanship is monitored especially strictly.

Upholstered furniture with high quality will have a company tag, and inside the sofa there is an obligatory mark of the quality control department and the collector’s number.

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