How to choose shoes?

"Meet on clothes" - everyone knows this saying. And the main part of this "clothes" is shoes. But do we always know exactly how to choose shoes, where to do it and when. This article will tell about it.

Boots - for walking or for work

Any shoe seller can talk about the many ways that people resort to when choosing shoes. And sniff, and bend the sole, and turn out all the insides. For everyone there is an excuse, because a person chooses shoes for a loved one. The main thing, most likely, is the moment of sympathy, like it or not, although men call it �convenience�, and women �conformity to fashion�. Therefore, it is important for yourself, as for the buyer, to set a goal - shoes for which occasion you need to choose: for walking, for work or for going out.

If the weather is winter, then the choice will be one, and if summer is completely different. Consider the general characteristics of which shoes to choose:

  • Boots should be sized, i.e. the length and width of the boot must be identical with the size of the foot.You do not need to buy shoes a size smaller to spread it, or a size larger, so as not to rub your foot. Only according to the size of the legs.
  • Be sure to look inside the boot and feel it with your hand so that there are no unnecessary reliefs, protruding seams or something else. This will help protect your foot from nosing and corns.
  • Preference should be given to shoes made of natural materials, both outside and inside. Because such shoes are more pleasant to wear and more durable.
  • The sole of a boot is an important detail. Best of all - polyurethane outsole. It is dense and, at the same time, elastic, which will provide good cushioning when walking.
  • An important element of shoes - insoles. It is better if they are removable, so that they can be removed, dried, and, if necessary, replaced.
  • The appearance of the boot depends on the preferences of the individual, but in general it is worth choosing those that are not burdened with a lot of rivets, fasteners, locks, etc. On this may depend on the wear of shoes, and the actual attitude towards them with the passage of time.

Boots for winter

When choosing boots for winter, you first need to decide on the amount that can be spent.Because winter shoes are preferable from genuine leather and fur, and, therefore, more expensive. If the cost of shoes is not the last thing, then you should listen to how to choose winter boots.

  • When choosing winter boots, start by inspecting the sole. The thicker it is, the warmer the feet will be. In addition, it should not be smooth, but grooved, better with a deep protector.
  • An important detail - insoles. Better if they are made of fur. This, of course, suggests some internal volume, so for model shoes with a narrow nose the front part of the insole can be leather. These shoes are better not to take, because in them the toes will surely freeze. Also, the insole should be sewn to the sole of the shoe, and not glued.
  • Look at the material from which the shoes are made. If you have doubts about his naturalness, try checking it out. The simplest thing is to press the palm of the hand to the shoe, if the material warms up, it means that the skin, if not - leatherette. Consider the inner seams - their cuts will give out the material from which the shoes are made.
  • Place fasteners. It is desirable that as a warming this place was also made of fur,because sometimes the lock is covered only with a piece of leather. Best of all, wind and frost are protected by lacing on boots.
  • Remember the warranty period for seasonal goods. And winter boots - this is it. The warranty is valid from November 1 to April 1, i.e. in the winter season, and not immediately from the day the shoes were purchased.

Men's boots. Convenience and style

Good shoes are needed for everyone - both women and men, and children. In how to choose shoes, men's requirements are reduced mainly to comfort and convenience. But at the same time, they are also obliged to respond to a given style of a man, which determines his place of work, the level of wealth, the presence of taste. Often, a woman chooses shoes for a man, so he himself only needs to try on the shoes correctly, so as not to press, not to dangle on his foot, and so that the sole is well bent, because most men are car drivers.

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