How to choose a scooter?

Scooter is a very convenient form of transport. It combines the loyal price of the scooter itself, the favorable price of components and repairs. It is also very economical - your movement around the city on a scooter will be invisible to your wallet in relation to the car. But how to choose a scooter?

We decide the issue of choice

Now the market of scooters is replete with various models and sometimes it’s not easy to choose a good device. It is necessary to take into account the possibilities of the car suitable for you (gender of the driver, age, build, roads). It is important to pick it up under the route you will drive most often. It is also important to have a seat and the price of a scooter.

"Engine" and transmission

Choose a powerful machine, at least seven horsepower. With such power, your fuel consumption will be about a hundred kilometers - three liters. Such an engine is convenient and practical for the city. Try to choose a proven model, go to the forums, ask your friends in the enlightened on this issue. But do not save on the engine, it is desirableso that it was not Chinese-made (meaning a Chinese company, not a factory of a European company in China), but European or Japanese. Choose an engine size starting at 50 cu. see. Such parameters are easy to find in Japanese and Western European technology. From this mark you will need a driver's license. So if you know how to drive a scooter, you should get your skills in the traffic police. Which scooter to choose? Do not choose a scooter with a capacity of less than fifty cubic centimeters, since it will be inconvenient for you to use it (there will not be enough power).

Transmission should serve you for a long time, as it is considered one of the highest quality components. And even if the belt “flies” you can replace it yourself, but you will need to change the transmission oil once a year, no matter how expensive the device is.

Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is a very important component of your device. It includes: generator relay, battery, ignition signal, etc. You choose a scooter, in which not only the engine meets the parameters written above, but also high-quality electrical equipment. These devices should not let you down when operating your scooter.You must be prepared that the battery will last you no more than three years. The best reviews received electronics Japanese scooters. In the work of the Japanese apparatus, you will only need to change the spark plugs.

Front fork

You will have the choice of a front fork. There are three types on the market: telescopic, pendulum and lever. Although all three types will serve you for a long time, the most modern is considered to be telescopic fork. But if your riding halo is a rugged terrain, the best option is a pendulum plug.

Scooter for the city

If you need a scooter for city driving, then it is important to choose a model with an optimal acceleration speed and maneuverability. Choose a motor of fifty cubic centimeters. The volume of the tank must be at least six liters of fuel. The brake should be disc, and the front fork - telescopic. Yamaha and Dio by Honda are considered good choices for the city.

Scooter on a trip

If you'll ride your scooter to the cottage, for example. Then you should pay attention to the front fork (we wrote about this above) It should be pendulum (well absorbs driving over bumps and rough roads).Pay attention to how the air filter is located: the lower intake is more practical for the city, and for driving on rough terrain, it will require frequent replacement of the air filter.

Scooter and age

Which scooter is better to choose for a person in old age? Naturally, you must choose a model for the driver. If the age is old, then it is important to pay attention to the reliability of technology. Save on transport in this situation is impossible. Choose Honda Tact or Honda Lead models. They are very convenient to use. And for reviews and reliability remain the leaders in our time.

Seat selection

If you have already begun the search for a scooter, you noticed that there are few dual-use vehicles on the market and this is not casual. Scooter for one person more economical and safe. But, nevertheless, some models can be called one-and-a-half. You can not put behind a large passenger. This suitable lineup: Suzuki Address and Honda Lead. Recall that we do not write about cheap Chinese models that are unsafe and technically short-lived to use.

So how to choose the right scooter? Most popular scooters manufacturer called Yamaha.Indeed, this is a good option tested by our roads and for many years, you can also buy a scooter Yamaha Jog (good engines), Honda (strong frame, reliable body), Suzuki (more sporty model), Binelli, Aprilia, Peugeot, Vespa (last four European production, prices are much higher). But still the choice is yours, and we sincerely hope that the purchased equipment will serve you more than one year.

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