How to choose a digital voice recorder as a gift to a student?

Your child enters the university, and you do not know what to give him? Think of the fact that he is on the verge of independent living. Now you can not control his every step. Every day a young man or girl will have to memorize a lot of new information, ranging from the prices of products in different stores and ending with educational material. Therefore, the best gift for a student isdigital voice recorder. Miniaturemultifunctional device can significantly simplify life. Plan for the day, shopping list and other notes you can create while traveling by bus, walking, classes in the library, etc. These records do not require certain conditions, equipment. They do not take much time, because talking is much faster than writing. In addition, at any time you can correct the note.

During lectures, taking notes, even very detailed, sometimes misses important points.Re-listening to the lecture allows you to fix the shortcomings. If the student is not in the class for some reason (gets sick, earns extra money), then someone will be able to record the material on the recorder. In addition, if the future profession requires voice, diction, correct pronunciation, then here also digital recorders are indispensable helpers. High-quality sound reproduction will allow you to hear yourself from the outside, quickly eliminate flaws.

How to choose a digital voice recorder, what criteria should be guided by? Firstly, it is necessary to determine the goals for which the device will be used, with a price range. Demanded now are digital models. They are divided into two types: compact and miniature. Compact devices usually do not exceed the size of a matchbox, miniature are from 1 cm in diameter. Choosing a compact device, you should pay attention to the quality of the display.

An important aspect is the type of power, which determines the duration of the recording. If the device is the letter B, then it works on batteries.The letter A means that the battery power. The symbol U marked universal devices. The next important characteristic is the recording format. Sound can be recorded in a pure form, or in a compressed, significantly saving space on the medium. The compressed information transferred to the computer can be immediately reproduced and listened to, but no extra sounds can be heard. A clean recording gives you the opportunity to hear inconspicuous background noise. The sound quality depends on the recording format. For easy listening, a sufficient bit rate of 128 kbps. But the higher it is, the better.

Of great importance is the functionality and its characteristics. A microphone with high sensitivity is preferable, the recording is better. You also need to consider the method of connecting to a PC (it is more convenient to do this via the USB port). It is desirable that there was an additional memory card.

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