How to choose a decorative vase

The vase for the bouquet provides a beautiful, attractive way to display flowers in the home or office, they vary in size, style and color, and the right choice can have a huge impact on the appearance of the bouquet.


Cache-pot in any style, most likely, should be made of glass or ceramics. A glass vase can be a bright, matte or tinted color, and the ceramic will always have an opaque appearance. Interior items in the store, where you can buy not only original vases, but also other interesting things.

Both glasses and ceramics can be used to create a vase of almost any shape - round, square, triangular, with smooth or curved sides. The top may have an expanding bezel and the sides may taper or expand in geometric shapes.

Depending on your needs, the vase can be high and narrow, low and wide, or somewhere in between. Three flowers will look good in a narrow vase.Of course, for a large bouquet you will need wide, it will provide enough space for the stems and so that the cut roots receive enough water.

Some flowers with cut stems look cute in a tall vase. The leaves are cut from the bottom of the stem to reduce the mass inside the vase, but the upper foliage usually remains in the frame with flowers and adds a certain depth to the bouquet. Flowers that look good in a tall vase include:

- roses;

- Lilies;

- tulips;

- chamomile;

- sunflowers.

Other flowers do not grow on long stems, or they are usually cut off before flowering. A bouquet with the help of these flowers looks better in a low vase, where their beauty can be in the center of attention, these are blooms such as hydrangea, mother's spider and chrysanthemum. Of course, if desired, any flowers can be cut to display in a low vase.

If the vase is bright, the stems can be as attractive as the flowers themselves. Thick, bare stems can be arranged in a single and vertical column, or the whole bunch can be tilted in one direction so that the stem is bent in a vase.This option works best in a flowerpot that is wider than a bouquet; a rectangular vase is usually more suitable for this.

Another option is when using a very wide vase to arrange two separate bouquets. The stalks intersect with each other inside the vase, thereby creating a bright and modern image.

You always need to know which flowers are most often presented to you and on the basis of this pick up a vase. The color of the flowerpot can be supplemented with the decor of flowers. For example, orange lilies will look beautiful anywhere in a peach-colored vase or in a blue tint.

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