How to characterize the child

You will need
  • - knowledge of the basic qualities and interests of the child.
The characteristic, as a rule, presents all the necessary information about the child, starting with his personal data and ending with his level of development and character traits.
Step back a few centimeters from the top and in the middle write the word "Characteristic" in capital letters.
Now write the personal data of the child: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth. Specify information about parents, family, in a full or incomplete family, the child is brought up, in a prosperous or not. This information is especially needed when submitting various certificates to the social security authorities. If the characteristic is compiled for other purposes, this item may be omitted.
Then write down where the child studied earlier, what kind of kindergarten or school, with what bias. What program they were engaged in. What subjects was the main focus. It is possible that in an educational institution,the institution of preschool or additional education in the program was attended by elements of developmental education or the direction of aesthetic education, etc. Be sure to specify this.
Tell us what items the child especially liked, what he was “pulling”. These data will help the teacher or educator to quickly orient and pick up their “key” to the child as well as knowledge of his qualities, abilities and preferences in school and interests, basic skills.
Mark the child's state of health, write if he plays sports. If for health reasons, on the contrary, certain exercises are contraindicated, be sure to report this.

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