How to change life for the better?

Svetlana Rumyantseva

«How to change life for the better?»With a certain periodicity, almost everyone is asked this question. The stronger the dissatisfaction with life, the more troubling this question.

Conditionally all people can be divided into four categories.

The first is people who are satisfied with life. They generally like the way they live, feel, think and do what they do. But they understand that there is no limit to perfection, so they strive to bring something new and interesting into their lives, set goals for themselves and improve the processes of their achievement.
The second is people who are dissatisfied with life or satisfied periodically, longing for qualitative changes, but not knowing how to achieve them. They are fighting for their happy future, but very ineptly and inefficiently. Short-term and small victories are replaced by long stagnations and crushing fiasco.
The third - unsatisfied with life, but firmly convinced that nothing can be changed. For these people, the absence of light at the end of the tunnel is a given. They are convinced that they cannot influence their lives in any way, and someone else is to blame for their problems.From such people it is often heard “Well, what can I do? That is my character ”or“ Now if we had a different president / chief / father ”, etc.
How to change life for the better?
Fourth - people-philosophers. Those who are guided by the principle "Who understands life is not in a hurry" or in the lines "There are monuments higher or lower, but the depth of the graves is the same for everyone." This category of people came to life for contemplation. They do not climb into high matter and do not reflect. They just live. They are so good.

From this article, the first category will learn how to make your life even brighter and more interesting. The second category will receive instructions on how to finally achieve satisfaction with their own lives. After reading the article, people of the third category will have the opportunity to realize that they are the creators of their own destiny, and 95% of what is happening to them is the result of their actions. People-philosophers can not read the article. They are so good.
So. How to change life for the better? Where to begin?

Example: you are working, but the workflow is not satisfying. Joy brings only payday. For 30 days you are tormented and anticipate how to get a handsome amount of well-deserved earnings.
A high salary is good, but remember that in the month of 31 days, and the day of salary is one. Can one day of joy compensate you for 30 days, which you are forced to work in despondency and without interest?
If yes, then the flag in your hands. If not, then read on and learn how to improve every day of your life, even if at the moment you are not ready for dramatic changes.

Twenty rules “How to change life for the better”

Do extraordinary things
Practice early awakening
Practice mono-task
Do not conflict
Write down ideas, thoughts and plans

How to change life for the better?

Be more tolerant of others.
Correctly perceive your mistakes
Get organized in the house and at the workplace
Choose your social circle
Do not be afraid to seek advice
Go in for sports
Crush complex tasks
Comprehend the information received
Do not try to please everyone.
Do not compare yourself with others
Avoid perfectionism
Do not do what you do not like
Get rid of information trash
Eat right

And now - everything in order and with details:

Make uncommon actions for yourself.For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, then try replacing it with green tea or water, even if not for a long period. Love to read the news - try not to read. Go to bed late - go to bed early, etc. Such small experiments allow you to go out of the notorious comfort zone.

Wake up earlier than usual. You can start from 20 minutes and gradually increase to an hour. Starting to get up early, you will realize that the day is getting several times longer. In the morning you can catch a lot of interesting things that usually do not have enough time. For example, do exercises, cook a delicious breakfast, beautifully comb your hair, get dressed or make a plan for the day.
Single-tasking. Studies show that people, although they get more pleasure from simultaneously performing several tasks, but the results of their activities are reduced. The brain is difficult to maintain multitasking, so try to prioritize and focus on one thing. The result will be better, and the pleasure of it more.
Next time, before arranging a storm in a glass, consider whether it will be important in 1 year, in a month or a week.Conflict is the easiest, but not the most effective way to solve a problem. With all you can negotiate. It is important to remember that in a conflict with loved ones love should win, and not someone's rightness.
Write down. Our brain has great potential and capabilities, but like the most powerful computer, the brain will "brake" if it processes excessive amounts of information. When you write down your thoughts, the memory of the brain is released, and the load on the brain decreases. If we draw analogies, then unwritten thoughts are incomplete computer programs. In addition, writing down thoughts, plans, ideas can return to them in the future. Many of them will be helpful. An experiment was conducted at Harvard University. The results of the experiment were summed up in 10 years and found out that those students who wrote down their goals and plans earn about a dozen times more than those who did not. Psychologists say: "What is not written, that does not exist."
How to change life for the better?
The picture of the world is much wider than your ideas about it. Remember that all knowledge of the world around it is impossible to own. People differently feel, think, react to the same events and phenomena, so if their opinion differs from yours, this does not mean that it is wrong.Understanding this will help you to be more tolerant of other people's opinions and will allow you to become flexible and open to new knowledge and opportunities.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes. There are no defeats - only experience and feedback can be obtained, you just need to learn how to use it. Learn from lessons, analyze the experience and move forward with this knowledge.
Get organized. The order in the house or on the desktop, will allow you to find the right things, save time and nerves. External order is displayed positively on the emotional and intellectual well-being of a person. It balances the internal state and awakens hidden reserves. In addition, order gives you a sense of control over your life, which inspires confidence. Randomly scattered things and objects collect dust on themselves, which you later breathe.
Spend more time with positive, interesting and necessary people. Cheerful and cheerful people are a huge resource of pleasant emotions for you. Pleasant emotions give vitality and stimulate the protective functions of the body. You can learn new and useful things from people with an interesting outlook, knowledge and activities.

Dating determine opportunities. Try to avoid the society of people who, apart from negative emotions and problems, do not carry anything in themselves. To understand how social relationships and environments work, read networking.
Do not be afraid to ask questions. It's impossible to know everything, so do not hesitate to ask advice from people who have already been in your situation. Whether to follow the advice is up to you, but it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. Ask questions to people if you think they are competent in this topic. This strategy will reduce the number of errors and save time.
Play sports. Doing sports increases the general tone of the body, improves its functioning, makes you slim, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy. Sports activities produce useful qualities of character, in particular, such as discipline, willpower, ability to overcome laziness and overcome pain. Beauty, harmony, health and strong character are those qualities that are of great value to others and have a significant effect on raising self-esteem for you. It is not necessary to set Olympic records.A simple but regular charge will add energy and drive away negative thoughts.
Crush complex tasks. When a task seems to be voluminous and complex, break it into small, simple steps. It is easier to cope with small tasks both physically and psychologically. It's like eating an elephant — it's totally unrealistic, but achievable piece by piece.
Engage in self-education. Continually improve existing skills and acquire new ones. Read useful books and articles, watch educational videos and attend trainings. Expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge. Practice. Competence (knowledge and experience) is a powerful foundation for improving life.
How to change life for the better?
Of the 100% of the time you spend reading books and articles, spend 30% reading and 70% thinking about what you read. This applies to any information you consume.
Do not try to please everyone. Firstly, there is no point in this, and secondly, it is impossible. There will always be someone who you don’t like, and there will be hundreds of reasons.
Do not compare yourself with others. Attempting to overtake all fraught with frustration and depression. There will always be someone who is more successful than you.The reasons for this may be mass, for example, the opponent could have better conditions for starting or better genetic predisposition (results in sports). The only person you have to compare yourself with is you in the past.
Do not try to do everything perfectly. Most of the small details that you pay attention to and waste time, no one needs. Perfectionism is a problem rather than a virtue. The pursuit of the ideal leads to a waste of nerve power and time, and excessive demands on others spoil the relationship with them. Going to work carelessly is also bad, but this is not required. It is enough just to do your job well. It is best to be guided by the principle of reasonable sufficiency, which states that to achieve the goal you need to use the amount of forces and resources that is sufficient and not more.
Do not do what you do not like. Life is one, and if you are not in your favorite business, then there must be good reasons for this. Think about what the reasons are, whether they are really worth sacrificing a significant part of their only life.If the reasons are not worth it, then boldly change classes and live your life for yourself and with pleasure. The world is full of opportunities and resources, you just need to be open to them.
Get rid of information garbage.

Most of the information broadcast by these sources is untrue, has no practical utility and is simply misleading and stealing time. No one in a sober mind will throw $ 120 into the trash every day, but few of us think that every day they spend at least 120 minutes of their precious life on information nonsense. If there is free time, then better use it as indicated in paragraph 14 of this article.
Watch out for food. The human body can be compared with a Formula -1 car. He is like a high-speed car - always moving forward, experiencing over load and overcomes steep turns. In order for a high-tech car to work without failures and to complete its tasks, in addition to maintenance, it needs good fuel. For the body, good fuel is the right food. To feel good every day and not have health problems, the diet should be balanced, saturated with vitamins and trace elements.Rejecting fast food, excessive consumption of sweets, fatty foods and convenience foods, relying on natural and healthy products, after a short time you will feel how your body and outlook are changing. Proper nutrition is a way and lifestyle, not a temporary diet.

How to change life for the better?

These rules are not exhaustive and not universal, but, following them, you will feel that changing life for the better is not that difficult, and everything is in your hands. Live your life with pleasure.

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