How to bury a dog?

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How to bury a dog?

A dog is a man's best friend. She always stands on his guard, and offers her sincere friendship. The man knows that she will never betray him, so many people appreciate the sincerity of the dog. But when a friend leaves, the question arises: how to bury a dog? After all, the body of a friend is hard to throw in the trash. In this case, there are several solutions, and everyone chooses what suits him best.

Bury the dog in the wasteland

The first and most common way to bury a dog is to bury it in the backyard of your house or in some waste ground. Plus in this is that you will always know that he is near you, and at any moment you can come to his grave. However, this is prohibited by sanitary and environmental regulations and may result in a fine in the form of a round sum. Among the drawbacks of such a burial can be called the fact that �marauders� in the form of small children can stumble upon the grave of your pet and disturb the ashes of a deceased pet.

We bury the dog in a special cemetery

If you live in a large city, then many of them have an official pet cemetery. However, at first, the corpse is cremated, since this procedure is prescribed by sanitary and environmental standards, since it is forbidden to bury an animal's corpse in the city. After the cremation procedure, you can bury the ashes of the animal, but only in the urn. Also, if you wish, you can dispel dust in the "garden of memories". In addition, any owner can build a wooden tablet or a small monument of stone over the grave of his pet. This method is also very convenient, if your pet has died in winter, then the question of how to bury a dog in winter is solved very simply. You can even call the veterinary service, which will come for the body and organizes cremation.

Unofficial cemetery

You can also bury your pet in an unofficial cemetery. After all, there is a forest belt outside the city in which you can leave the ashes of your pet. Moreover, the law is not prohibited.

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