How to avoid sexual harassment

And how do you avoid sexual harassment

There is a big difference between office romance and sexual harassment. Flirting in the workplace is usually discouraged and only, novels can be fought with administrative methods, but sexual harassment is already an illegal act.


While there is no precise definition of what is considered sexual harassment. Some companies even hold seminars for their subordinates on this topic. If your company does not do this, then we will give a legal definition of sexual harassment here.


Sexual harassment can be called such actions.


They hint to you that if you show up on harassment, you will get a job or a promotion, or you are threatened with dismissal or dismissal in case of refusal.


You create an unbearable working atmosphere.


You have requirements that you must fulfill in order to get or keep a job.


The behavior of one of the employees does not allow you to work normally.


With the first type of action, of course, everything is clear. Sexual harassment takes the form of a transaction in which one person, usually a male boss, offers another person, usually a subordinate woman, to get a job or a promotion in exchange for a position. This form of persecution usually takes place between a man and a woman, but lately, it has increasingly become apparent in relation to people with unconventional orientation. Cases of persecution of men by women have also increased.


Another form of sexual harassment, more sophisticated, is creating an unbearable working atmosphere for you. Unwelcome touches, ambiguous jokes and statements about appearance and clothing, indecent remarks can be viewed as a manifestation of sexual harassment. The time of vulgar hints, dirty jokes and rude expressions of sympathy has passed. Anyone who does not understand this may lose his job.


The third type of action, which can be interpreted as sexual harassment, is a combination of the first and second types. This is the most serious form of harassment.You can skip past the ears of the boss about the increase in exchange for your location, but if you are offered this deal openly, you should immediately report this to the management.


If you work at a factory and a mechanical colleague has pasted a couple of indecent photos on the wall, you can transfer it. But if the walls of the shop up to the ceiling are pasted with such pictures, the work may seem unbearable to you.


Nobody wants to work in unpleasant conditions or with bosses who build their attitude towards subordinates only on the basis of their favor in love affairs. But still, how to avoid persecution?


To begin with, the suppression of such incidents is the responsibility of the leadership, because it sets the tone for the company. If you work in a company where sexual harassment is unacceptable, you are lucky. If in your company things are different, be prepared to take control of the problem.


Always stay professional. If you are polite to everyone and do not allow yourself slippery hints of a personal nature, then most likely, others will treat you the same way.


Pay attention to your wardrobe especially for women.Exclude from it outfits that may cause inappropriate associations.


Forget about throwing makeup, deep necklines, mini skirts and stilettos. Men should not come to work in tight-fitting trousers and tight-fitting shirts.


Remember that during a business trip people tend to relax. On business trips, avoid unnecessary meetings with employees in hotel rooms and leave the restaurant as soon as you begin to realize that colleagues are going to turn the rest after a busy day into a regular binge.


Listen to the gossip. Of course, this is not the most reliable source of information, but if you hear from different people that someone shows inappropriate attention signs to his colleagues, try to limit personal relationships with this person.


Do not discuss the details of your sex life at work.

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