How to assemble the driver in 2018

You will need
  • - a program for writing drivers;
  • - emulator.
If you have not previously engaged in the development of device drivers, read the tutorial on creating them. When selecting literature, pay particular attention to the platform for which the device driver is intended, since this is of fundamental importance. Also, it will not be superfluous to consolidate knowledge of object-oriented programming, this will help you to better understand the aspects of software development for devices.
Go to the software part of the assemblydriversdevices. You need to download a software development tool, such as the Driver Development Kit, if you are creatingdriversunder the Windows operating system. Also, the program has more convenient counterparts, for example, Numega Driver Studio. Also, most programs for creating drivers for Windows are paid, which makes it difficult to determine in advance whether this development tool is right for you.
In cases when you writedriversfor Ubuntu operating systems, use the Linux Device Driver Kit software. You can also download all the necessary programs on the Internet from the official websites of developers.
Write the codedriversdevices. This can take quite a long time depending on the complexity of the equipment. Check the written code for bugs, check on the emulator its work in the environments in which you are going to apply it.
Compile the written code into the installation file, write it to a disk together with the source code, which you may need to debug its work in the operating system with the updates more than once. Check workdriverson several computers at once, so that in the future you do not have to rewrite it many times.

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