How to assemble a walker tractor?

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How to assemble a walker tractor?

The motor-block is a kind of a small-sized tractor. This technique is widely used for plowing and hilling soil on small plots of land. In this article we will look at how to assemble a walk-around with your own hands and, if necessary, upgrade it.

Motoblock device

The design of the tiller is quite simple - it is a small self-propelled car on one or two wheels, equipped with a scooter engine. The construction itself is made of welded pipe, U-shaped frame and wheel axle. To regulate the thrust, you need to make 3 hinges, which will also serve as an attachment between the motoblock itself, the steering wheel and the plow.

A steel pipe is attached to the frame of the motoblock: it is designed to tension the cables that go to the gearbox. The tension is carried out due to the rocker arm, and the shift knob is an attached piece of steel pipe.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on assembling the motoblock. Understanding is not difficult at all, however, if you don’t want to assemble the walker yourself, we advise you to read our article How to choose a walker.

We collect the motor-block

The first step is to assemble the drive shaft, for which the housing is attached with bearings, sprocket and overrunning clutches. Clutches are needed for the differential. Next to the tiller attached frame and wheels. The steering wheel, thrust and plow are mounted on the frame.

In order to connect the engine mount to the scooter frame, it is necessary to use two arcuate tubes. The fuel tank is placed between them. The engine is fastened with a bracket, which is completed with a steel axis (axis length 150 mm). The bracket is attached to the U-shaped frame.

The motor with the suspension is most convenient to place, hanging it on the axis. The finished structure is fastened to the arcuate base of the frame. After install the secondary shaft, attach the cables to control and tighten the chain. For plowing the land on farms, it is best to equip the walker with special wheels for optimum traction with the ground.

The advantages of this design

First of all, we advise you to read our article Which walker is better. Well, we will talk about why this particular construction is interesting, because there are quite a few such devices.

However, when comparing different models, this has several advantages. Consider a swivel.The details of our tiller are connected by means of hinges, which make it possible to smoothly change the direction of movement during work without removing the plow from the ground. Other models have a stronger connection, which complicates the maneuverability of the motor-block and makes it heavier to work with it.

The axis on this tiller is shifted to the direction of movement, because many people have come across the fact that the device is moving sideways when working the soil and serious efforts have to be made to align it. Therefore, in this motoblock, the axis is located at a small angle in the direction of motion. The necessary comfortable position for you, you can always adjust the three joints thrust.

The depth of plowing is automatically adjusted, in other models the depth is regulated by raising or lowering the plow. In our motor-block adjustment occurs by changing the angle to the furrow. The design includes a field board, which is used as a lifting force when the plow is lowered into the ground.

Modernization of a homemade motoblock

Assembled according to the above instructions, the walker is very functional. It can be used as a plow, for plowing the land or as a cultivator.To do this, it is only necessary to replace the parts for the plow with parts with the dumps for the cultivator removed. In this quality, the tiller lays the potato tubers, deepening the furrows in the ground. In order to plow the tubers, you need to put the dumps in place and walk the walker between the landed rows. Similarly, hilling of germinated plants can be done.

By changing the width of the grip, you get a convenient walk-behind tractor for harvesting, and by completing the design with a rake or a harrow, you can collect the remains of tops and potatoes. This design is multifunctional and versatile. After all, it can be used in the winter time for cleaning the snow, and in the summer, clearing the territory near the house (by installing a roller with a round brush and an additional sprocket).

Beginners will be interested to learn how to plow using the motoblock.

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