How to assemble a shelf?

Lyudmila Fedotova
Lyudmila Fedotova
November 17, 2014
How to assemble a shelf?

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How to assemble a shelf?

Shelves - a very useful piece of furniture. Anything can be arranged on them: books, business papers, photographs, kitchen utensils, etc. Therefore, they are hanged, as a rule, in every home or office. Naturally, there are quite a few types of shelves. However, regardless of the variations, they are usually collected according to a single principle.

Shelf material

Most often the shelves are made of wooden raw materials:

  • softwood;
  • plywood;
  • DSP;
  • carpentry plate.

However, you can use absolutely any durable material: metal, brick blocks, etc. The choice is made on the basis of personal preferences, the interior of the room, as well as the budget.

Fastening method

Any shelf has a mount. The method of fastener depends on the type of shelf, but there are several basic options:

  • Wooden slats or blocks - are considered one of the most simple and effective methods of fixing the shelf in place. In the case when such strips are nailed on both sides of the shelf, this is a wedge-shaped support.
  • Metal strips - look less aesthetically pleasing than wooden planks; therefore, they are not so in demand and are used, as a rule, for garage shelves or in cabinets.
  • Arms - have the form of a corner or a letter L, while their configuration can be absolutely anyone that is enough imagination. However, it should be understood that the cost in this case will increase significantly.

Shelf mounting process

The most common option shelves - hanging. To collect it, it is enough to perform some simple actions:

  1. Outline the place where the shelf will be hung with a simple pencil and level.
  2. Drill holes according to the marks made.
  3. Attach the bracket to the holes and screw the screws all the way.
  4. Attach the shelf to the brackets.

This completes the process of collecting shelves, it remains only to check its reliability. It's enough to put on the shelf rather heavy objects.

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