How the Spanish national team in two matches failed the world championship in Brazil

The national team of Spain, staffed by many world and European champions, showed very obscure football at the world championship in Brazil. Already in the first matches of group B, the Spaniards missed seven goals, scoring only one, and lost their chances of getting out of the group to the decisive stage of the tournament.

Spain - Netherlands (1 - 5)

The first game of the championship team of Spain held a team of the Netherlands. This match was expected by all football fans, regardless of preference. It was supposed to be a great match with an outstanding quality of the game, because on the field in the city of Salvador, viewers saw numerous stars of world football. As a result, only one team played a quality match. The Dutch destroyed the world champions at the time. After the end of the first half the score was equal - 1 - 1. But in the second segment of the match, the Netherlands four times upset Casillas.At the same time, the Spanish team could not do anything about the failures in the defense, and in the front line the attacking game did not work at all. The disappointing result of the meeting alarmed the fans of Spain, but the latter hoped that the team would be able to get together and show their sparkling football.

Spain - Chile (0 - 2)

In the second match the Spaniards no longer had the right to make a mistake. They were opposed by one of the best teams in South America - the national team of Chile. For South Americans, this game was also significant and important. As a result, Spain and in this match showed the failure of claims to fight for high places in the World Cup 2014. Already in the first half, the Chileans scored twice. In the second segment of the match, Spain tried to sharply attack. But when Busquets did not get into the empty net from a few meters, it became clear that Spain was not leaving the group. The level of play of the team at this tournament turned out to be incomparable with other national teams in Group B. Spain failed the entire World Cup for the first two matches in the group. The last game with Australia does not solve anything.

It can be stated that at the 2014 World Cup ended the era of dominance of Spanish football.A year ago, in the final of the Confederations Cup, Brazilians 3-0 defeated Spain. Barcelona's last two seasons are replayed in the Champions League. It was all the bells before the coming mundial. And now at the championship sounded the most important bell, which "buried" the once great team.

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