How the day of the week of your birth influences fate

Astrologers are sure that not only the date and month of birth, but also the day of the week can tell about a person.

In addition, for each day of the week affects a certain planet.


People born on the first day of the week are under the patronage of the Moon and possess such traits as softness and sensitivity. They all pass through their heart, have compassion and are always ready to help another. Also, the surrounding atmosphere can also affect their mood and well-being: if it is favorable, then they feel good, and if not, they can be very upset and worried. That is why those born on Monday must necessarily have a number of close people who will support and guide them in everything. It is important for them to live in their own home, in which they will invest all their positive energy. But frequent travel and travel, these people are unlikely to ever love.For them, nothing is nicer than stability and comfort.

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Those born on the second day of the week are influenced by Mars, which (regardless of gender) endows them with typical male character traits: courage, bravery, purposefulness, logic. It seems these people are not afraid of anything. And for them, the result is more important than the path to it, so that they all do it quickly, without looking back and not worrying about trifles. Also often, having a sharp tongue, they first speak and then think. In addition, on Tuesday people are guided by the motto “Take everything from life” and are maximalists in everything. In their personal lives, it is extremely important for them to be with the best, in their opinion, partner. But it is important to consider that a person should be calm and patient next to them.


Those who were born on Wednesday are under the protection of Mercury and most often remain young in soul to old age. They cannot imagine their life without movement, change. But in all their life there should be lightness, immediacy, it is very difficult for them to make difficult decisions and face any choice.Also, these people should always be surrounded by people, without communication, they can get bored and even fall into despondency. Acquaintance with people, change of style, new knowledge, travel - this is what can make them truly happy. And success in work and a successful personal life are for representatives of Mercury only a good, but important application.

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People who were born on Thursday are under the influence of Jupiter and consider education and social activities to be the most important in their lives. It is also extremely important for them to make a good impression on those around them, their road and their reputation is important. Representatives of Jupiter like when they are respected and valued, while they themselves also want to be in the company of influential people. Most often, regardless of the chosen profession, those born on Thursday are addicted to philosophy, they are attracted by the lives of other nations, foreign languages ​​and travel. They set global goals for themselves and surrender to them entirely, sometimes depriving themselves of many pleasures and even personal life.


Born on Friday are under the auspices of Venus, which (regardless of gender) gives them female characters: sensitivity, vulnerability, sacrifice, intuitiveness.They also like to like others, they have an innate taste and are willing to spend a lot of time and money on caring for their appearance. Most often, they choose professions related to art or the help of others. At the same time, if circumstances require, representatives of Venus can be tough and stand up both for themselves and for others (especially when it comes to their loved ones). These people can be very contradictory: they are both sociable and closed, compliant and stubborn ... And sometimes it is not anyone who can predict their behavior.

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Those who were born on Saturday are under the rule of Saturn and have an independent and strong character. Any difficulties these people perceive with dignity, they will never complain about their lives and show their feelings to others. Also, representatives of Saturn are real workaholics, they can work without breaks and rest. Especially if they pursue in their work some important goal. They are difficult to influence, they themselves know how to live, so they can stand out from the crowd and have conservative views. But this does not mean that those born on the penultimate day of the week can not worry and fall in love. Quite the contrary.Their closest people know that behind coldness and detachment they can hide a vulnerable and thin soul.


People who were born on Sunday are under the auspices of the Sun and are enthusiastic and optimistic. It is always easy and pleasant with them, they are able to cheer up and smooth out even the most intense situation. It is not surprising that there is always a lot of guests in their house, and they spare no time to take care and pay attention to everyone. At the same time, the people of the Sun cannot be called soft, they always have their own opinions on everything and can be persistent in achieving their goals. True, the dream they will move slowly, thinking through every step. In relationships, those born on the last day of the week give themselves up completely and do not demand anything in return.

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