How are mountains formed?

Sergey Nikolaev
Sergey Nikolaev
July 30, 2014
How are mountains formed?

Mountains have always amazed people with their beauty and grandeur. It is not without reason that countries where there are mountain ranges attract tourists and travelers, as well as researchers who study how mountains are formed, what determines their location and what it depends on.

According to the theory, mountains are formed as a result of collision of lithospheric plates and volcanic activity. It is known that the huge lithospheric plates, on which entire continents are sometimes placed, are in constant motion, although invisible to the human eye - on average, they shift only a few centimeters a year. However, over millions of years, the plates drift over enormous distances and collide with each other, as a result of which a great deal of pressure occurs: deformation of the earth's crust, folding and lifting of rocks, resulting in the formation of mountain systems. In particular, the Himalayas became the fruit of the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates, and the Eastern European and Siberian - the Ural Mountains.Therefore, mountain ranges usually appear on the outskirts of lithospheric plates - not far from the point of contact with another plate. The mountains of tectonic origin, resulting from the displacement of the moving zones of the earth's crust, can be attributed

  • Caucasus,
  • Alps,
  • Tien Shan,
  • Tibet,
  • Scandinavian mountains.

When a lithospheric plate collides, one of them can go under the other, melt under the influence of high mantle temperatures and in the form of magma rush upward, raising the mountains that are born at the same time, and also pour out through the cracks and faults of the upper plate, causing volcanoes. According to a similar scenario, for example, the Andes and chains of islands of volcanic origin, in particular, the Japanese. It happens that oceanic plates diverge. Then the resulting cleft is filled with magma, forming seamounts and volcanoes, which with their peaks can rise above the surface of the water in the form of islands. Also among the mountains of volcanic origin, we note

  • mountains of Hawaii,
  • the mountains of the Aleutian Islands,
  • the mountains of san juan a colorado
  • solitary volcanoes (Fujiyama in Japan, Misty in Peru, etc.).

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