What is useful for cross-country skiing?

Skis, as a means of transporting people through the snow, have been known for more than 7 thousand years. At first they were used for winter hunting, and in the last century, the fascination with this sports equipment gained incredible popularity, which grew into a full-fledged sport.

Peers of human civilization

During Soviet times, cross-country skiing became one of the most popular and affordable options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the closest to the houses of the forest-park zone in the 70-80s of the 20th century it was possible to meet entire families actively spending their weekends with “sticks” in their hands.

For all its existence, this sports equipment has become not just a means of transportation and entertainment. There were even certain styles of skating, which are actively used now:

  1. Classical. Skis move parallel to each other. This option is suitable for both specially prepared roads / roads and for rough terrain.
  2. Ridge. The speed of this movement is higher than in the classical style, but requires a rolled road. The bottom line is repulsion and further gliding, like skates.It is worth noting that the ridge style can be an excellent option for losing weight, since not only arms and legs, but also the body are actively involved in the process.
  3. Universal. The combined method consisting of alternation of two previous, depending on the district.

The undoubted advantage of cross-country skiing is that the level of load during classes can be easily controlled independently. But this is not the only positive point.

Go for health!

Cross-country skiing has many advantages:

  1. Quenching and strengthening immunity. Classes in the cold season activates the defenses of the body, being an excellent prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases.
  2. Benefits for the cardiovascular system. Moderate cardio load improves blood circulation, supports the performance of the myocardium, slowing down the process of changing its structure. Short workouts twice a week will ease the process of pumping blood to the heart, thereby making it healthier.
  3. Easy breath. Fresh air paired with physical exertion enables effective ventilation of the lungs, and this is a guarantee of the absence of problems with the respiratory tract.
  4. Healthy joints.Skiing is one of the safest, serious injuries are rare in it, if you use running and not mountain equipment. Permanent footwork contributes to better hydration of the knee joints.
  5. Normalization of the nervous system. This is a great way to relax and get rid of stress. Monotonous skating allows you to calm down, and also contributes to the production of endorphins responsible for good mood and well-being. Walking in the fresh, frosty air will also help improve sleep.
  6. Weight loss. A great way to combine business with pleasure. In the process of walking in the rut, not only basic, but also secondary muscles of the body work. How many calories can you burn in one such activity? Incredibly, as much as 1000 kcal. Everything is explained by the fact that in the presence of a sufficient amount of oxygen supplied to the body, fat begins to be used as an energy source.

And what is especially pleased with women and men, is that classes in cross-country skiing help to remove wrinkles in the abdomen, because the abdominal muscles are actively involved in the process.

Strengthening the muscles. 90% of the muscles work while you enjoy a leisurely walk, a frosty day and beautiful winter landscapes.A systematic workout will lead to the fact that the muscular corset will begin to develop harmoniously, while giving you beautiful reliefs.

Well, and one more pleasant moment - the opportunity to communicate with nature. It has long been known that even the contemplation of the beautiful leads to improved well-being. Official medicine confirms the effectiveness of such a method as landscape therapy. During such sessions a person enjoys beautiful landscapes. It helps to relieve stress, recharge your batteries, improve your appetite.

As for contraindications, they are few:

  • serious heart disease;
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system (in particular, the spine);
  • coordination disorders;
  • asthma.

But with a preliminary appeal to a specialist, advice and choosing a small load, even such problems are not taboo for cross-country skiing. Be healthy!

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