How fun to celebrate the holiday of March 8?

For most of us, spring does not begin according to the calendar, and it is March 8, the day when every woman flourishes and comes to life after hibernation in winter, and a man, having forgotten about his business and principles, becomes at the stove to please his beloved morning fresh coffee , and, perhaps, a delicious dinner.

On March 8, all the fair sex, from small to large, should be buried in tenderness, congratulations, gifts and, of course, the first spring flowers. On this day, every woman is waiting, let a small, but a miracle.

Despite the fact that the original meaning of the holiday has long been lost, in the modern world it is an official holiday, thanks to which every woman can relax without shame of conscience and allow herself a little more than usual.

Good holiday

International Women's Day appeared thanks to the famous communist Clara Zetkin, in 1910. It was she who offered the world to get a special day in the calendar, in which all women will be able to go on demonstrations, hold marches and, thereby, involve the public in their problems, and at that time they were enough, believe me.

Over the years, the holiday has greatly changed its direction, and we are used to seeing it as a day when your beloved ladies can, once again, give their warmth and love.

How to celebrate this only holiday in the year when a woman, without any “but”, can surround herself with a real fairy tale? Of course, you can hang the resolution of this problem on your men, but the holiday, whatever one may say, is feminine, and, therefore, the decision should be made only to us.

The holiday of March 8 is always associated with the first spring sun, the first greenery, daffodils and mimosa, goodies and, naturally, fun. Someone used to celebrate it in the circle of loved ones and loved ones, someone considers it a family day, and someone, for some life situations, is preparing to celebrate it in a purely female team.

It also happens that beloved men are far away, but this does not mean at all that you are doomed this year to be left behind. How to celebrate March 8 is fun and interesting? We offer you a few possible scenarios, something, but you will definitely have to taste!

Arrange a hen party!

Well, what a holiday without a best friend next? With whom, as with the best friends,do you feel most comfortable? Surely, you have a lot in common, having discussed, you will quickly come to the idea of ​​how and where it is better to spend this holiday together.

The simplest, but no less interesting option from this, is to arrange a pleasant and informative walk with a friend to the most beautiful and unusual places in your city. In the turmoil of life, not every woman can afford to walk along her favorite streets, going to museums and exhibitions, but why not do it on March 8?

home party

Walk around the iconic places, take pictures, feel and get to know your city in a new way, be sure to check out your favorite stores and make yourself a small gift! Let it be a trifle, but how nice!

Go to a good cafe, enjoy your girlfriend's favorite cakes with unusual tea, and, maybe, skip a glass or two of champagne, and no diet, today is a holiday, which means you can do a lot!

Finally, you have a unique opportunity to discuss all the sore topics, to secretly and even to gossip! These days of unloading help to look at the world in a new way, to feel like a part of it and to raise your mood thoroughly!

Beauty day

Do you every day go to the SPA and beauty salons? Celebrate March 8 in one of them? Why not? Great idea! In such a simple way, you arrange not only a celebration for the soul, but also for the whole body, so to speak, with great benefit.

You might like nourishing and rejuvenating face masks, relaxing body massages with fragrant oils and incense, or maybe today you decide on a cardinal haircut or styling? Do something for yourself after you leave the salon rejuvenated and refreshed, the desire to continue to celebrate this holiday is firmly established in your mind!

Long-awaited vacation

If beauty salons are not for you, then go with your friends to the sauna or to the bath - a great benefit for the whole body and body, in particular. After a good bath, it is possible for the women's team to drink a tonic herbal tea, select a piece of sweet for yourself and, of course, discuss everything!

In move

Do you feel the strength to active rest at night? Love crowds and loud music? Then go to the disco or to the club!

Parties in such institutions will necessarily be timed to the event,you will be taken to a special show program, you can take part in interesting contests and maybe even make new acquaintances who bring something new to your life, why not?

A party

If discos are not your option either, then it is possible to spend March 8 at the working party, this is a good case to rally with the team, not only with its female part, to make new friends and useful acquaintances.

In 2015, this day will certainly be held mass exhibitions, concerts and beauty contests. Or maybe it's worth trying your luck and participating in such an event? Who knows, maybe it is on March 8 that you will be lucky and you will lose the main prize.

If funds allow, then you can go on a short trip for the weekend, any travel agency with great enthusiasm will help you in this matter. The only thing that should be noted is that you should prepare for the trip in advance so that the travel agency has time to prepare a visa and other documents for your flight.

Please yourself with a gift

Perhaps you will find interesting, recently popular shopping tours, in which you will not be driven for hours to local attractions, but brought directly to places of mass commerce: boutiques, hypermarkets, shops, shops of famous designers.Or maybe you will like the world capitals of fashion, Milan or Paris, or immediately to Kopegagen, where Klara Zetkin made her loud statement?

In any case, everything is in your hands. Some ideas can be combined, add something of your own, depending on personal preferences and desires. Remember, the most important thing that you have to do on March 8 is to relax and have fun, because this is your day and it is up to you to decide how to spend it.

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