How did boys and girls dress in the 90s?

Each past epoch is remembered by something special, necessarily leaving memories and emotions in people's memories, which are then very interesting to discuss. The beginning of the 90s is a time of great change, not only in the fashionable Olympus, but also in the political spheres of many countries.

The Soviet Union has ceased to exist, and fashion has changed beyond recognition, turning into a huge industry, it was precisely this period of time associated with freedom and the "wind of change".

The fashion of the 90s in Russia is truly a unique phenomenon, which has not yet been named. What was it: the desire to be original to stand out from the bored gray mass, or the creation of a style without one in principle?

About how they dressed in the 90s, they remember rarely, which is no wonder, because it was at that time that the notions of "beauty" and "style" were smeared beyond recognition, but nevertheless there were very good innovations.

In the early 90's, the world's fashion houses launched an active advertising campaign, spreading slogans from the series "be yourself" and "find your own style that will reflect your inner self."

Stylists and designers from the pages of glossy magazines began to give a lot of advice on how to create their own unique image and skillfully emphasize individuality. What was popular in that difficult time?

In the world

As we have already mentioned, the last decade of the last century passed under the slogan of freedom and the absence of a generally accepted framework, in a fashion style “unisex”, “grunge” and very elegant “minimalism”, which, by the way, forever left its mark in the business classic image.

At the peak of popularity of the collection of such fashion houses as Givenchy, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. Designers actively use pressed skin in their creations, by means of which they created outfits almost completely repeating the contours of the human body.

Particularly popular was grunge fashion, the founder of which is considered the vocalist of the popular 90s Nirvana, Kurt Cobain.

It is believed that he made a real revolution not only in the music world, but also in the fashion world: with his light hand, almost all young people of that time donned voluminous and even stretched sweaters and T-shirts, checkered shirts, ripped and baggy jeans, as well as jackets leather jackets and worn out sneakers.

The grunge fashion of the time strongly resembled elements of hippie culture, however, was more rough and devoid of a certain romance.

In the same period, mini skirts burst into the peak of popularity, which Julia Roberts actively demonstrated on her legs in the already legendary film "Pretty Woman", heavy boots, high boots-boots and short tops.

By the way, she also perfectly demonstrated the minimalism of the time when, at the end of the film, she changed into neat and extremely minimalist kits. In the same direction "street" designers began to work, simple narrow jeans, white shirts or tops became fashionable, as well as laconic jackets and complete absence of any accessories, which was well demonstrated by the heroes of the series "Friends."

90s in the post-Soviet space

Russia and the rest of the post-Soviet space developed their own fashionable views of the time, which was explained by the collapse of the USSR and the sharp increase in goods brought from abroad.

People who for a long time yearned for bright colors and unusual models, literally blew up all imaginable and unthinkable ideas about what is beautiful.

Despite the fact that the assortment has increased, it was still difficult to acquire really fancy things, as time remained difficult financially for the majority of the population.

For fashion in the style of the 90s, unisex clothing was typical, the differences between women's or men's attire were insignificant, although, of course, not in everything. Especially popular among the girls were the bright "acid" tights, which were worn all the way, regardless of the complexion and beauty of the legs.

A special "squeak" was considered to be pink, blue and bright yellow shades, in which many Russian pop stars shone. A little later in the fashion included "dolchiki" - warm colored pantyhose, often decorated with a bright contrast stripe.

Also incredibly popular and nationwide love enjoyed denim, and any: jeans, jackets, overalls, shirts or skirts. At the beginning of the decade, they actively continued to “cook” in order to get the very “boiled” ones.

It was then that the jeans-malvynks came into fashion, which were executed completely in the spirit of that time: straight or narrow, but necessarily "boiled". They were worn by both men and girls, “Mawin” jeans, from which, in fact, the name came, were significantly cheaper than other American brands, which is why they seized national love.

Another "trouble" of that time is sportswear, which, unfortunately, was rarely used for its intended purpose, they were worn not only in the gym, but also at a disco, a date and other important events, which added to the image of comic.

Not to mention leather jackets and skirts, especially the leather jackets with a multitude of zippers, locks and rivets were especially appreciated. Every day mini-skirts became shorter, they were often combined with the same acid leggings or “glowing” pantyhose, in a special trend were pleated models or skirt-elastic bands, which strove to turn into a belt.

As for hairstyles and make-up, there also existed some peculiarities: the hair was turned into whole towers-haircuts, the girls politely decorated themselves with chemical curls, and the fringe had to “stand” firmly and indestructibly.

The make-up was quite catchy, not everyone has decided on such a “beauty” today: the emphasis was placed on the eyes and on the lips. Mostly blue and black shadows were used, which were shaded almost over the whole area of ​​the century up to the eyebrows, and the lips were necessarily decorated with bright red, burgundy or crimson lipstick.

Of course, this was not the case, however, the fashion of that time really touched many. It was ridiculous, tasteless or with a special twist, it's up to you, in any case, the fashion of the 90s left an indelible mark on the long journey of the fashion industry.

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