How and why to increase immunity

The first signs of reduced immunity are: fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, dryness and flaking of the skin. These health problems suggest that the body collects all the forces of the body and directs them to fight against negative factors. The manifestation of these symptoms foreshadows the exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new ones. Irritability and nervousness are also signs of decreased immunity, since mental health is directly related to physical health.

As a result, with reduced immunity, frequent colds occur, which also occur for a long time, herpes, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. This indicates that the body’s immune response is reduced and the person becomes vulnerable. The immune system is malfunctioning, and the body needs help.

A few simple rules on how to strengthen the immune system.

  • Resisting stress leads to increased immunity. According to the results of research, stress ranks first among all the causes of a decrease in immunity. As soon as a stressful situation occurs, the immune system begins to work worse.Physical activity (walking, jogging) and psychological relief (chatting with friends or talking to a psychologist) will be the way out and assistant.
  • Sleep and rest. Constant sleep deprivation beats directly on the immune system, provoking frequent colds. To compensate for the lack of sleep, accumulated during the week, the endless wallowing in bed at the weekend will not work. Such actions only reduce vitality and lead to a weakening of the immune system.
  • Drinking mode. To improve immunity, drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water daily, not counting juices, tea and coffee (they are food). An additional advantage of establishing a water regime will be a natural cleansing of toxins and slags and getting rid of a couple of triple kilograms.
  • Improving the bowels. To do this, it is good to diversify the diet with yogurt, kefir and ryazhenka, rich in live bacteria. The less shelf life, the more “live” bacteria in the product and the more beneficial it is for immunity.
  • Active lifestyle: a 40-minute walk that will speed up blood and improve mood, and swimming, and jogging or Nordic walking.The main thing is to choose an activity for one’s liking, then the benefits of it will be much greater.
  • Proper nutrition. It is important not only to eat healthy foods, but also to comply with the diet. Do not eat after 19 hours so that the food has time to digest. If absolutely unbearable, then you can drink a glass of kefir. Proper nutrition, rich in fiber, protein, vegetables, vitamins, restriction of sweets - these are the simplest recommendations that normalize the work of the intestine, and with it the whole organism.

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