House for a ferret

Ferrets, like other pets, except dogs, love to sleep in a secluded place. To make the ferret more comfortable to sleep in his cage, you can make him a house with his own hands. Of course, you can buy in the store, but it is not reliable. A house for a ferret in the usual zoo department will cost no less than 500 rubles, and no one can guarantee you its long term. Very often, these animals gnaw and tear up special items bought by them for expensive. We'll tell you how to save on the purchase. If it is possible to make a wooden house - then this is the most reliable option, but time consuming. You need nails, wooden material, a hammer. On flat wooden plates, draw a mock-up and cut out with a saw. Connect the wooden parts with small nails. Jigsaw cut windows.
 House for a ferret with your own hands
If there is no wooden material, you can make it easier to sew the house. It is best to take the cartons as a basis. They are easier to cut and the house will be safer. On paper we draw the house elements, we sew them with a cloth.You can put a little paralon under the fabric for softness. Between each other, the elements lined with fabric are easy to assemble by sewing together the edges. This house can make everyone, but it is not durable. The ferret will most likely chew it, but it all depends on the behavior of your animal.
 House for a ferret yourself
The easiest and quickest version of a house is a box. We take any box from shoes, household appliances or anything else. Cut scissors windows. Such a box will not last long. Do not put it where the next ferret can go to the toilet so that it does not limp. To strengthen the box, you can wrap it with tape, live longer.
 House for the ferret with his own hands

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