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Each of us repeatedly had to leave our home for a long time. We have country houses, friends in other cities, a desire to go abroad or to some resort sanatorium. Even a banal trip to nature with tents requires us to leave all our household unattended. We can always take our beloved pets with us, but indoor plants ... Not every one of us is ready to transport our entire flora over considerable distances with us. Usually such trips take place in summer, when plants especially need moisture. Some lovers of flowers upon returning home are faced with the unpleasant phenomenon when their beautiful flowers turn out to dry after a long absence from the host. The answer here is obvious - so far you have not yet known a way to maintain the soil of your indoor plants in the proper moisture of the earth. First you need a water tank, the vessel capacity should depend on the number of days of your absence and the specific characteristics of water consumption served by the plant.That is, if you leave for two or three days and your plant is a flower of medium capriciousness in terms of moisture consumption, then a small bottle will be more than enough.
Automatic watering of home colors
And, accordingly, if you leave for two weeks or more, and besides, your plant likes to drink, the bottle of much larger volume will be needed here. You need to accurately calculate the amount of liquid with exactly the same volume as if you were at home and watered the flower in your usual rhythm. Just in case, prepare water with a reserve.
 Auto-watering home flowers
Now take a regular lace, it can be partly synthetic, but if it consists mainly of natural fibers - it will be good.
 Auto-watering of home colors
You can use fabric tape or string me for this purpose Here, you can choose from what you have. Now you need two weighting. Auto-home coloring
It can be anything: dowels, screws, screws, bolts, nuts, as long as they are not very large, but at the same time somewhat weighty. Next, fix the weighting on both ends of the lace.  Auto-home-color home-coloring Properly moisten one end.
Auto-watering home flowers
Pull it out of the water and now soak the rest of the shoelace in a bottle.
 Automatic watering of home colors
The whole lace should be perfectly soaked. Now go to your houseplant, put it on the floor.
 Automatic watering of home flowers
Place a vessel with water nearby, on an elevation - relative to a flower, for example, chair, as shown in the photo.
 Automatic watering of home flowers
Let's make a reservation right away that it is not necessary to put a flower on the floor, the main thingso that the vessel with water is at a level above the soil surface of the plant, the principle of communicating vessels works here. Water, like a stream, searches for a lowland and finds it in a plant pot. This should be clear to you. Now we fasten one end of the lace in the soil.
 Auto-watering home flowers
The other end of the shoe rests on the bottom of the water bottle. The system is ready and functioning at 100%.
 Auto watering home flowers

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