Help with varicose veins

Help with varicose veinsThe causes of the appearance of varicose veins, which affect up to 40% of women around the world, a lot. This includes weightlifting, a sedentary lifestyle, hormone therapy, heredity, smoking and drinking, limb injuries, the effects of pregnancy. The list can be continued, but there is no longer any sense in this, but there is a problem. Problems with the “aesthetics” of the limbs, the veins on which in the late pores of the development of the disease swell, like plaits wrapping around the skin are not the worst. Thrombophlebitis can become the apogee of a neglected disease. As a result - the death of a person due to a broken blood clot that fell into a vital organ. Scary, is not it? To prevent this from happening and varicose veins gradually disappeared, there are some rules to follow.


Vitamins to help get rid of the disease

Causes of varicose veins

  1. Thiamine (Vitamin B1)- it is necessary for improvement of blood circulation. In the event of a vitamin deficiency, swelling of the arms and legs, feeling of weakness and numbness in the limbs occurs.To replenish the body with microelement, you should eat more soy products, meat, liver, rice dishes and wheat.
  2. Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- necessary for the good functioning of the gonads in women. Moreover, it helps to normalize blood circulation, maintains normal blood sugar levels. Its deficiency entails, as in the case of thiamine, puffiness. Tocopherol is found in wheat, rye, legumes, green onions and soy.
  3. Phylloquinone (Vitamin K)- one of the key vitamins, which affects the work of almost all processes associated with blood circulation and the state of blood vessels. One of the positive properties is that it stabilizes the processes of blood coagulation and maintains the normal functioning of the circulatory system as a whole. In case of a lack in the body, bleeding can begin that is difficult to stop. Contained in potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage.
  4. Rugin (Vitamin P)- a mandatory element in the treatment of varicose veins. The fact is that it serves as a natural anesthetic and reduces inflammatory effects. Its effect on blood vessels is extremely important, it makes them elastic, which prevents the release of blood plasma from the capillary membranes.To fill the body with ruguin, it is necessary to drink green tea or coffee more often, to eat citrus fruits, hazelnuts, rosehips and black currants.
  5. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)- A key element in the formation of red blood cells, that is to say blood. Normalizes the level of hemoglobin, cholesterol and fats in the blood, and is also responsible for oxygenation of the blood. Vitamin B9 can be found in sufficient quantities in vegetables, legumes, oats, or wheat.

Prohibited product

Prohibited product

It is worth remembering that doctors do not recommend drinking milk for varicose veins, since this product leads to compaction of blood vessel walls, which will have a bad effect on the further treatment of the disease. This also applies to hard sorts of cheese and dry milk.

Nevertheless, the good effect is obtained by rubbing the diseased areas with the help of sour milk and fresh silver wormwood leaves. This ointment should be rubbed a couple of times a day, for a week, and also put as a compress.

Pay attention to the above vitamins, based on them, make a meal schedule and do not forget - varicosity is treatable. Let this extremely unpleasant and ugly disease,give up and bring yourself to a state where you can’t walk painfully, because the health risks will be enormous.

Varicosity is treatable.

You do not need to spend time on "popular" medicine, because there are a lot of excellent medicines, and local doctors are well aware of the problem. A whole complex of various kinds of procedures and diets has been developed, which will help to quickly and painlessly recover. But all this is possible in the initial stages of the disease, otherwise, if you tighten it, you will have to contact a surgeon.

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