Have you ever seen a professional at work? Photo series Sanwal Deen

Sanwal Deen has created a series of photos that allows you to be a spectator of the creative process. The photographer focuses on the hands of people who masterfully mastered their profession. Sanwal believes that real masters are not only needlewomen and artists, but also ordinary writers or even butchers. With his series of photographs, he wants to convey to all people that any work is a creative process that requires incredible skill.

For example, a butcher in Columbus, Ohio, can use a completely different set of tools and work in a completely different environment than a butcher in China, but in the end both are engaged in meat and use their hands to work. Currently, this series only emphasizes workers in the United States, but the photographer hopes to expand the project in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Date: 08.11.2018, 04:05 / Views: 54342

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