Decoration from gypsum with vegetable pattern

Spring weather, flowers and bright green young leaves create a wonderful mood! But flowers and leaves can not only be admired. With the help of fresh leaves and grass blades it is possible to make a new decoration for the house - a picture of plaster with a floral pattern.
 Decoration from plaster with a picture
To work you will need: a building plaster (alabaster), which can be found in any building store, low a plastic container of round shape, another plastic container with high walls for gypsum dilution (for example, from cottage cheese), a wooden stick (a long scoop or a sushi stick is suitable), water, fresh leaves, a lace, a green gouache paint, a brush.
 Decoration of plaster with a pattern
Work order 1.Put a fresh leaf or blade of grass on the bottom of a low plastic container. You can spread it in the center, in a circle or in a chaotic order, the way you like it most.
 Decoration of plaster with a pattern

2. Prepare a string about 15 cm long. At each end of the lace tie a knot.
 Gypsum Decoration with a Pattern
3. In a plastic container with high sides pour the plaster. It is necessary to gradually add water to the gypsum and gently stir with a wooden stick. As a result, you need a solution that can be poured into another container, but it should not be too liquid (its density should be approximately like that of sour cream). There should be enough masses so that it completely closes the bottom of the container in which the leaves are laid out.
 Plaster decoration with a pattern
4. After this you need to quickly pour the solution into a plastic container with low sides (which the leaves are laid out). The gypsum mass begins to thicken very quickly. On top immediately put the prepared lace.You need to put so that the nodules are plunged into plaster, and the lace itself remains free. The result is a loop for which you can then hang our picture on the wall.
 Plaster decoration with a pattern
6. Wait until the plaster completely hardens. You need to wait at least half an hour. When the gypsum hardens, you need to extract the picture from the plastic container. To do this, slightly bend the walls with your fingers, pull the string, and the picture will easily come out of the plastic container.
 Plaster decoration with a pattern
7 Now you need to carefully remove the leaves and blades from the picture. Under the leaves you will see clear prints of the contours and veins of the leaves.
 Plaster decoration with a pattern
8. You can leave the picture white, but it's better to paint it - take a green gouache paint and paint a plaster picture with a brush. Wait until the paint is completely dry.
 Decoration from plaster with a picture
Decoration with floral pattern is ready!

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