Bottle decoration "Golden Sunflowers"

Beautiful things attract attention. And beautiful things made by hand are pleasant not only for the eyes, but also for the soul. There is no factory pattern and impersonality in them, but there is always a place for creative imagination and non-standard approach to standard things. And this author's products are beautiful. Recently, one of the most popular types of needlework is decorating the usual items that are in each of us: boxes, flower pots, kitchen utensils. I would like to offer my own version of the original decoration of a glass bottle. For work, we will need oil paints, an ordinary glass bottle, modeling clay, muline threads, wooden sticks (breaking a dried branch of any tree), brushes, a stationery knife, super glue, scissors, varnish.
we will need
First create a background - paint the bottle in a dark green color.It fits the theme of the composition and perfectly highlights the main details. It is better to apply paint in two or three layers so that it does not shine through.
 It is better to apply paint
The oil dries for a long time and during this time you can prepare decorations. We cut a small piece from the clay bar and knead it in water until it becomes soft like plasticine. Now sculpt separately the leaves and the core of the sunflower. While the clay is not dry, it is very plastic, and all the details are perfectly fastened together. After the sunflower flower is made, we make two or three large leaves from the remaining clay, which will be attached to the stem. To prevent clay from sticking to hands during work, fingers should be moistened from time to time with water. Also, using water, you can make the product smooth and hide fingerprints on the surface, but I intend to leave a little bit of relief.
 give the product smoothness
During the day the clay dries and you can paint products with oil paints (they are brighter and richer) or gouache (it is fastis drying).
 paint products with oil paints
Now use a stationery knife to cut a dry branch into small sticks - approximately 3 cm in length (I did it in advance ). Thread the mule neatly tied the wooden sticks to get a kind of fence. We fasten until the row completely bends around the bottle. It is not necessary that the sticks be perfectly even and the same in height.
 the same height
Glue the clay decorations to the bottle, and tie the edges of the wooden fence behind the threads.
 a little yellow
With oil paints we draw the stem of a sunflower and some more large green leaves. Add a little yellow color for expressiveness.
 brown or gold color
From floss threads of the same orange-golden color we weave a pigtail 10-15 in length cm.We wrap it around the neck of the bottle and tie it to a knot. Paint the cover brown or gold.
 Bottle Decor
This completes the decoration of the bottle. For greater strength and better safety, you can cover the entire bottle or individual parts with varnish, although oil paints and without additional coating are sufficiently resistant.

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