Gold Plated Leather Flower

On my favorite burgundy bag I recently made a small hole. Well, do not throw it away just because I'm so bungler. It was decided to find a piece of leather in a tone, make a flower out of it, slightly zadekorirovat gold and close the hole. By the way, it came out very nicely. To make a flower we need: - genuine leather; - acrylic paint on fabric (gold and silver); - scissors; - glue or glue gun; - a piece of foam rubber; - feathers; - a candle; - a piece of cardboard; - a marker.
 Leather Flower
Flower from the skin
For starters, I cut out 3 forms of cardboard, which will later be molded flower sticks. I made a small, medium and large form.
 Leather Flower
Then, on a piece of leather, circle these petals. Make the biggest petals the most.All the rest, depending on how much lush flower you want. Tip. It is better to trace the petals with a marker, the ballpoint pen draws well on the skin only at the very beginning, then the ball is bored and the pen refuses to write. (It is clear on the middle petal that I painted it all the time).
 Leather flower
Leather Flower

The pictures show that the petals of one of the lobes circled well, and then refused to draw.
 Leather Flower
Everything is neatly cut out. Do not confuse heaps.
 Flower from the skin
On the candle we burn the edges of the petal. Do not allow the leaf to be bent strongly.
 Flower of the skin
We make the basis for the flower. We will glue the petals on it.  Flower from leather
In a chaotic order, we paste petals. Make sure there are no spaces between the leaves.
 Leather Flower
When one layer of petals is already pasted, we sponge them with gold paint. It is best to use acrylic on DECOLA fabric. Do not apply paint on the entire petal You need to “stick”. When you work with acrylic it is best to put a newspaper or oilcloth on the table, otherwise it will be difficult to wash the paint.
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