Pendant with a coating "underglass"

Among the items of interior, clothing, as well as jewelry, you can often find things made in vintage style, which is characterized by its elegance and sophistication. It is believed that vintage products can be called, created no later than the 80s, having the characteristic features of the style of a particular era. An example of vintage jewelry, in particular, can serve as painted brooches, earrings and pendants in massive frames, and other items of female wardrobe that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers wore. Find a real antique decoration is quite difficult, and the price of such things is usually very high. But you can create your own jewelry in vintage style with your own hands, guided by the advice of this master class. So, for work, you will need:
 will require
- metal base frame for cabochon. Such bases are usually sold in stores for creativity and handicrafts, where, in addition to the frame itself, you can purchase all the accompanying accessories; - white acrylic paint (titanium white).It will be used for priming the inner surface; - images printed on office paper or special decoupage cards; - transparent epoxy sticker. The use of such a self-adhesive coating in the work will greatly simplify the process of manufacturing the pendant. Usually, epoxy resin is used to fill the molds and give them a glass coating effect, which requires certain skills. It is worth saying that with the help of this material you can create very unusual products using yourself, giving shape, and as a fill. But in this lesson we will use a ready-made epoxy sticker; - PVA glue on a water basis; - glue for decoupage; - a brush with a soft bristle; - accessories for jewelry (chain, connecting rings, clasp, bale); - scissors. Progress: 1. Using a thin brush, prime the inside of the frame with white acrylic paint. A surface primer is an obligatory action in any kind of decoupage, since a drawing, if applied on an unprepared dark background, can lose brightness and clarity.Put the frame to full drying.
 ground inside surface
2. In the meantime, prepare the image for transfer to the substrate. The selected motif, which can be printed on the printer, cut to the size of the internal diameter of the frame. Usually the standard frame size for a cabochon is 18x25 millimeters.
 prepare an image
3. Then you should cover the image with decoupage glue from two sides. Lacquer-impregnated paper will be stronger and will not tear when applied to the substrate, and the drawing will retain its brightness. Leave the image for a while.
 cover the image with glue
4. When the white acrylic paint and the images are completely dry, you can proceed to the transfer of the picture in the frame. Brush with PVA glue on the cabochon base and on the reverse side of the image. After about a minute, when the glue is slightly absorbed, gently pry the pattern with a brush and place it in the center of the frame, aligning it with your fingers.Press the pattern from the center to the edges so that the extra glue and air bubbles come to the surface.
 transfer the picture into the frame
Remove excess glue with a dry brush. Now you need to leave the pendant for some time, so it dries.
 to make it dry
5. Now you can proceed to the final stage: the application of a transparent coating. Carefully remove the sticker from the paper backing and attach to the image while smoothing the cover. With force, press it to the base.
 applying a transparent coating
 attach bale
6. To the finished suspension, attach the bale in which the chain is threaded and the fastener.  pendant coated under glass
Elegant pendant with romantic pattern Ready!
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