George Clooney called Matt Damon a terrible actor

Male friendship may be no less insidious than female. This was confirmed by George Clooney on the evening show Jimmy Kimmel (not to be confused with Jimmy Fellon), ridiculing his close friend Matt Damon for a couple with a TV presenter. In his new film, Suburbicon, presented at the Venice Film Festival, Clooney gave Damon a lead role. And he seriously explained why: “You see ... We just didn’t have enough money to invite Brad Pitt. I had to get along with such a terrible actor like Matt. ”

Kimmel liked the joke: for 13 years now he has been walking around Matt at the end of each release of his show. “Once I just said at the end of the curtain:“ Sorry, Matt Damon, our time is over, but we will invite you next time, ”and everyone suddenly liked it. I thought they would soon get bored, but no. For the show, this moment has become a landmark. ” The most interesting thing is that the name of the actor was chosen by Kimmel completely by chance - they could be the same George Clooney.But Matt's sense of humor must be given credit. He then made his way to the show in Ben Affleck's costume, then filmed a video of the girl Kimmel, where she confesses that he is cheating on him with Matt, then he captured Kimmel in captivity on the air and led the show instead. And one of the issues was devoted to the way Kimmel and Damon visit a family psychologist.

Date: 08.10.2018, 10:54 / Views: 74262

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