Brilliant deceivers who deserve 5+ for ingenuity!

Cheating is bad. However, in everything you can find something good. Making cheat sheets is like note-taking. And since you take notes, you still somehow prepare for the exam. Moreover, you will need a huge amount of ingenuity, which often helps a lot more in life than the subject in which you make a cheat sheet. Today we have prepared this list of resourceful deceivers who can be, we emphasize, maybe deserve a good rating for their ingenuity. What do you think of it?

The best way to get the right information.

My teacher said that I can only use one sheet of paper.

Transition to a higher level

New level of cheat sheets

What you need to pass the exam, at your fingertips

I live in Guatemala, and it was on the other side of the street opposite the school window.This is a type of cheat sheet.

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