Fluffy paper Christmas tree

By the coming of the New Year, the children are preparing very actively: they make Christmas trees, garlands, decorate the tree. Such a fluffy Christmas tree can even make a preschooler out of paper. Of course, if an adult helps him to make a basis - a cone, on which "branches" are glued. If the child has not yet mastered working with scissors, then strips with a fringe (for the first Christmas tree) or triangles (for the second) can be prepared for him in advance. And he himself will stick them, of course, under the supervision of an adult. After all, it is so nice to prepare for the New Year together! Fir-tree from a cone and paper fringe
 Furry Christmas Tree
First of a rectangular sheet of thick colored paper of landscape format make a narrow bag. Glue it.
Cone for the Christmas tree
Cut the bottom part, aligning the base. Put it on the table and check that the cone is level. This will be the trunk of the future herringbone.Its height will be about 22-23 cm.
 glue the cone
Take a double sheet (or two single) thin green double-sided paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Draw strips across the sheet at a distance of 4 cm from each other.
Take a double sheet
Split a sheet along the marked lines.
Cut the sheet
The resulting narrow strips do not unfold, and cut them in the form of fringe, not reaching the opposite edge by 1 cm.  Cut the sheet
Gently expand. If the folds have a wide fringe, then make cuts, making them equal in width to the rest of the fringe.
 Gently unwrap
Apply glue along the edge of the cone and glue the strip evenly, but so so that its fringe would go beyond the contour of the cone by 2 cm.  we wind the cone Then, spreading glue on the uncut part of the strip and the cone near it, start winding strip the coils, making each coil half a centimeter higher.
we wind cone
 fluffy paper fir tree
Do not forget to put glue under each layer of paper ribbon. Glue the end of each strip to the cone. Glue the next strip back to the previous one. When you reach the top, form a beautiful top of the tree. After the glue dries well, turn the Christmas tree down with its top and gently fluff the twigs.
 cut triangles
A fluffy Christmas tree is ready. Cut circles out of colored paper and decorate the green beauty. Christmas tree made of a cone and small green triangles
 grease with glue
If you needed whole sheets of green paper to make the first Christmas tree, then any trimming of green paper (even different shades), which remained after previous work. But try to make the triangles be the same, otherwise the Christmas tree will look sloppy. Make the same cone as in the previous craft.Prepare many spiky triangles 4-5 cm tall.  glue The sharp corner of each triangle with a pen or pencil wrap up.
Start at the base of the cone. Glue-smeared triangles stick with the edge down so that they half go beyond the contour of the cone.
 fir-tree of paper
Each next row of triangles paste on 1 cm above, but so that each triangle lies between two green blanks of the previous row. fluffy Christmas tree of paper So, moving to the top, glue all the triangles. Triangles for the upper part of the Christmas tree make a smaller, then they will be easier to paste, and they will look more careful. To close the tip of the cone, make a small piece of green paper from the green paper, glue it and put the Christmas tree on top of it. Allow the glue to dry well, and then, starting from the vertex, fan the herringbone, lifting each "twig" slightly upward.
fluffy herringbone from paper
Decorate your tree with paper balls or tinsel.
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